Special Birthday Gifts! Temple Spa Preserves Skin, Body and Soul.

I had quite an amazing 60th birthday and I thought you might just like to hear about my experience before my 61st which could be ordinary in comparison.

I have never lied about my age and have always been keen to celebrate each birthday and always feel lucky to have had another birthday all in one piece! So to me, my 60th was going to be special because it is the beginning of a new life, or old life perhaps, depending on how you look at it.

My children and son-in-law all came to visit and then after breakfast I was whisked off by my two daughters with a comment that I might need to bring some make-up and my hair might get wet; I thought of swimming, did I need my cozzie? But we passed through the cotswolds countryside and into Chipping Camden, parked in front of a hotel I wasn’t familiar with and I thought perhaps coffee or lunch? The girls led me past the hotel down a side entrance and then I realised they had brought me to an Old Folks home! This realisation prompted me to crumble behind a wall in floods of tears!  Hearing those choking sobs one tends to heave out whilst watching ‘The English Patient’ , they pulled me out to show me the Spa!! Wow, I thought if they had been putting me in a home , this was the one for me!

First impressions: Beautiful, cotswolds- stone annexe at the back of the Cotswold House Hotel and Spa, Refurbished interiors with full length windows to the pool ( very tiny pool but with seating around), very welcoming staff and a relaxing ambience. I was obviously booked in and all the family had clubbed together and bought me a session with a back massage, facial and shoulders and arms and hands treatment!

What a treat! I had never ever been to a Spa, so floods of tears again and by the time I was waving goodbye to the girls I was still trying to hold back the sobs. Pathetic. ‘Really, get a grip woman’ worked a treat as I followed the therapist, Becky up to the treatment room.

I felt my week at work melt away as I began to relax with the back massage. Becky used ‘Drift Away’ a relaxing aromatherapy, bathing and massage oil, which I just had to buy, to recapture the morning, £22 for 100ml.

Then came the facial cleansers ‘Good to Go’ a naturally, normal, foaming cleanser, an exfoliator ( I’ve always been afraid of these incase it took too much of my skin away!) called ‘Breakfast Smoothie’ and then’Toning Essence’, an alcohol free, essential mist toner.

Eye make -up remover was’Go Easy’ and I was treated to ‘Windows of the Soul’ for the eyes, ‘Repose’, aromatherapy, resting cream and ‘Eyes Wide Open’ soothing eye-care lotion.

I experienced hot towels around my face and cold pads on my eyes and the sensory delight of sugar buff to my arms! Why have I never heard of sugar buff? Wow! And a medley of olfactory sensations! Heaven?

Skin and body dealt with, I was then treated to’ Love is in the Air’, a fragrant room mist, for nurturing and comfort! What an experience! I re met the girls by the pool side with a glass of water and a refreshing iced smoothie and several samples to try, feeling quite elated and soooooo relaxed! What a gift and what a welcome to the 60s!

This is my advice to you: DON’T WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE 60! I won’t perhaps feel like having this experience at 70, I might not be around but if you start at 30 you have 40 and 50 and 60 to look forward to and they also do a ‘Radiant Bride’ and a ‘Yummy Mummy’ treatment! Why , oh why didn’t I discover THE SPA earlier? Go for it gals as early as possible and enjoy! They also do a Male executive Facial but I really wouldn’t tell them, keep it to girls only!

To have a look at the Temple Spa website click here: http://www.templespa.com


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