I have just discovered why some body lotions make me hyper!

My body system must be very sensitive to stimulants as I only need an instant coffee, or indeed a cup of green tea, believe it or not, and after about 10 minutes, I am talking twenty to the dozen, feel rather giddy and am looking for some hoovering to do, so I can whizz round like a bat out of hell!

My husband allows me an instant coffee on Saturday mornings, but alas, as I am now retired, I have been indulging every day and am fighting to keep ‘normal’. I only ever had green tea once (eight years ago) as the effects were so immediate, and I felt so giddy, I had to be forced to rest!

Last year I bought some Clarins body lotion and immediately I put it on, I was dashing about on an ‘anxiety-plane’, looking around for anyone in my track and if they were too relaxed in their comfort zone, attacking their equilibrium and confronting their lack of ‘get- up- and- go- and- mow- the- grass-now’ attitude.

I mentioned the effect to Ruth, who told me that it had caffeine in it! What! I couldn’t believe that anyone would put caffeine in a body cream! However, I have subsequently been told that caffeine helps you to get rid of cellulite! I’m sticking with mine!

Liz Earle Energising Body Cream

150ml tube

Naturally active ingredients are : damask rose flower water,sweet orange oil, eight essential oils and natural vitamin E (all written on the front of tube and appartaining to smooth, firm and tone.

On the reverse it gives all the other ingredients, and shock horrors, the third ingredient is CAFFEINE, and not only that, but after my husband’s ‘olfactory-enlightenment’ ensuing from our 90 minute visit to Floris perfumery, he detected one of the smells he definitely DIDN’T like! Was it the ivy, horse chestnut, butchers’ broom, borage, wheatgerm, or avocado oils, included to improve elasticity and skin appearance? Anyway, after sniffing me, he proceeded to open both bedroom windows and asked me if it was a small tube?

As this cream was £16:50, I have now used the whole tube of Liz Earle Energising Body Cream and have no-one to blame but myself! The clue should have been in the word ‘energising’, but no, once bitten, twice shy didn’t seem to apply to me at all, as I coated myself in it! Same hyper-reaction! You may like to try it, as it does absorb into the skin particularly well and I just used it on those days I wasn’t  partaking in coffee! My hubby is pleased to see the tube is in the bin!

I must say that I am just not used to all this fussing over one’s body and I have never had the time and also I am not sure that I want to waste too much of my day or evening indulging in narcisism. So, when I read on the back of the tube that it was best applied after BODY-BRUSHING and then showering with Energising Body Wash AND Energising Body Scrub, I began to see that bathing could cost a fortune, and a ‘Cleopatra’ of milk and honey could be cheaper! What is BODY-BRUSHING? Do you take your husband into the shower with you or is this something one does alone? Is it your hairbrush you take in with you or one of those silly little net affairs?

I am going to end this now but in my next post I will be telling you about my body-oil process which has served me well since 1978. So hope you keep checking me out!

Chris (Ruth’s Mum)



  1. Oh how fun! You should ask your daughter about body brushing. She has a favorite brush she’s been using for years! Actually, I’m sure by now she’s told you… especially after this post… so nevermind.

    1. Dear Ami,
      No, not a mention to me about body-brushing! I can remember reading a beautiful passage in a book by an American Sufi about body brushing and brushing his wife’s hair (I may have imagined this, as I read lots of books about Sufism long ago) But he used it as a method of ‘Contemplation’, I think, I may have just thought this is what he wrote, not sure.
      Actually, thank you so much, as you have reminded me of the book and I am now going to have a hunt in my husband’s library which has every book on Sufism ever written and re read some of them and try to discover the passage. I feel an old hankering seeping through my soul.
      My best wishes, Chris

  2. Haha! What a spectacular post!

    I heard about women massaging their cellulite prone areas with used coffee grounds!
    I suppose that works, though perhaps not very glamorous! Hihi!

    Love this blog! Keep it up!

    1. Dear Tora,
      Thankyou for reading my posts. I faintly remember Marks and Spencer producing a range of tights which were impregnated with caffeine?? They were sold to help combat cellulite! However, I think if we could only get our partners or husbands to take a better interest in our less desirable areas of our bodies, perhaps a coffee bean massage might be fun?

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