Skin Science (Exclusive to Harvey Nichols)

I have been using ‘Skin Science Bio Active Stimulating Serum’ for about a couple of months now. I really have tried to follow their instructions implicitly as I have a tendency to ‘do my own thing’ ; generally companies print their age-defying ingredients and instructions in such tiny type, that I have to hunt for the magnifying glass, on top of having my reading specs on! They don’t seem to have got the message that people using age-defying skin care are usually older and their sight sometimes isn’t as good as it was! Well, Skin Science have got it right! I could see with just my reading specs on!

Skin Science - Skin Science Bio Active Stimulating Serum


Skin Science Bio Active Stimulating Serum


EXCLUSIVE TO HARVEY NICHOLS. An easily-absorbed serum that rehydrates and protects skin; the gentle exfoliating action of Zonase X™ (removes dead skin cells, promoting new cell growth and leaving skin feeling clean, fresh and rejuvenated) helps prevent clogged pores, leaving skin luminous, while the powerful antioxidant, Spermine™ (estimated to be 25-30 times more potent than vitamin E) protects skin from environmental damage. The world’s first non-invasive organic exfoliant.

£31.67 per 10ML

I absolutely love this! I have always had a problem with the word serum; it’s one of those words which I have to make a mental note of, as I am saying it, in case the other word that is in my head, pops out. I have a little story about my last head who was giving an ‘inspirational’ meeting to all the staff about the new system of report-writing, which was to eliminate the problem completely, of having to pass ‘floppy dicks’ around to each other, in order to transfer data. (I wonder if anyone reading this, can remember floppy discs, they were before CDs and memory sticks, how quickly things change in such a small span of years!) I do digress from the ‘Stimulating Serum’ issue but a similar embarrassing experience!

You apply after cleansing, morning and evening (it is so expensive that I only do morning) It absorbs beautifully without leaving that ‘iced-bun sheen’ and really makes the skin so soft and smooth and refreshed.

It claims to rehydrate, protect against oxidative damage, cell migration and premature ageing. Actually, now I have re-read this, I am not too sure it is suitable for me as I am mature and ageing AND have my cells migrated, and if so where have they gone? I so wish I could understand all the different jargon they come up with, it was just as bad, if not a hundred times worse with education! There must be sad jargon creatures somewhere, making up ridiculous combinations of words, hoping to sound clever and mystify us poor earthlings! I could become political now but I will refrain!

It does say that, thanks to its immediate deep penetration it works on all layers of the skin. Now I have found the little folded details in the lid of the box. I CAN’T READ THEM AS THEY ARE SIGHT DEFYING!

It says here Skin Science patented technique introduces high levels of the ultra potent antioxidant SPERMINE! It also has Salmon Egg extract and several SEED OILS from unrecognisable plants?

It does have some of the usual ingredients like alcohol and glycerin (I have some glycerin in a bottle for using with oil paint and I bought some for mixing with icing to make cake decorations and if you rub it into your hand it does leave a shiny silky patch! Where does glycerin come from?)

It was created with the highest Scandinavian bio marine technologies available, which must be the sperm from the salmon? This is the last time I am going to try to translate ‘beauty-jargon’ as it is beginning to support my embarrassing moment at the Cosmetic counter, never to be repeated and still making me feel hot and turn red when I remember!

I think that what it purports to achieve, it really does, my skin feels and looks great and I’m HOOKED! I have really noticed the difference and in my next post I am going to tell you about the eye contour complex cream, it will be a while, because I am going to look up all these ingredients on-line! The trouble is THEY have got us because we wouldn’t dream of going through all the ingredients at the counter, or asking them what they are? We just presume they are good for us, hence why, I am looking them up!

Best wishes to you all and thank you for all your responses which I hope I have replied to, if not, I WILL  THIS WEEK! Have a wonderful week, enjoy!




  1. Yes,I do remember floppy discs, and I don’t think I’m *that* old! 🙂 I also don’t need reading glasses…..yet, and I find it extremely annoying, to say the least, that I too have gone online to see exactly what the ingredients in a product are.

    I’ll look forward to your future post on the eye contour complex cream. Thank you!


  2. How delightful! Who knew these maritime products were so good for the skin? Salmon serum? SCEPTICAL!

    Sounds convincing at least! Dodgy, but convincing!
    Love your blog! Please keep it up!

  3. I will immediately seize your rss as I can’t to find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me recognise in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

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