Clinique lipstick crayons are brilliant!

I must confess I have not been at one with pencil crayon type cosmetics over the years, mainly because the lip liners always need sharpening to a point and if you leave them to wear out into a stump , the wood is uncomfortable when you draw your line.
However, well done to Clinique and their new lipstick pencils! They actually roll up, so no sharpening! I have also been using their roll up lip liners now for a few decades to outline lips. I think Cliniques introduction of a roll up lipstick crayon is ingenious!

Quickliner For Lips

Quickliner For Lips

Transfer-resistant, water-resistant, long-wearing lip-liner. Provides a creamy, cushiony release of colour. Contains a gel system for easy application. In pencil form, non-feathering formula. Requires no sharpening.

  • Benefits: Long-wearing, never needs sharpening. Transfer-resistant, water-resitant.  £11:00

They are such lovely colours and look so natural, more a stain than an ordinary lipstick, so you can see your lip colour underneath, and they really last!

They go on very smoothly and are so handy to carry in your pocket for retouching. They have a slight sheen but not the ‘wet look’ and so are really suitable for a summer look. I do apologise  but most of these posts are for my age group and lips do change and that sensual ‘wet look’ isn’t so flattering, especially if you are half blind as I am and get it on my teeth! I did use brighter lipsticks in my youth and I can remember my nephew running to my sister and saying:”Auntie Chris is here, Mam, and………….. SHE’S GOT BIG RED LIPS!”

( I lived away from home from the age of 18 and my visits became less frequent:  escaping from the Lakes was like escaping from Colditz and I had planned it from the age of 13, thinking, perhaps, that at every corner on the way to school, that I was really a princess who had been mistakenly deposited in Cumberland, as it was called, and that I would be whisked up by a prince and taken to my rightful palace!!!…………..No-one turned up ! )

I usually define my lips with a lip pencil colour and then fill in with lipstick but that doesn’t really work with these crayons as you can’t get that block colour look and it is a much more day time sheer colour.

Brilliant for these summer months!



  1. I’ve heard so many good things about this product but mostly from much younger people so I was hesitant to buy but now that you’re crowing about it too, looks like I best go try it! 🙂 I can’t wait to read about the eye creams, by the way, I’ve been searching for a good one myself.

    1. I do hope that you managed to have a go with these lipsticks. I found mine invaluable on my hols, as you can actually, very discreetly, apply them, even without a mirror, if your aim is good! I learnt the trick of ‘aiming’ from a friend; we were having a coffee in Costa, and she suddenly applied her lipstick, whilst in mid sentence. I congratulated her, but she was really blase, and said, “Well it’s only lip gloss” When I looked at her, above and below her lips was pink and shimmery! I didn’t say a word!
      I remember sitting opposite a young girl on the tube, who was, so unselfconciously, applying her lipstick, using a mirror. Wow! We were brought up, never to comb our hair in public!
      I did check my car when I bought it years ago that it had a good illuminated mirror on the driving side!

  2. Thank you so much for this post! Very informative. Those sharp wooden bits you get on regular pencils are a true abomination. I remember having some of that on my EYELINER, no, I kid you not! It was not pleasant. Anyway. Do these crayons taste good? Or, if they taste of anything at all, is the flavour at least not repulsive? Have a wonderful time in the sun 🙂

    1. I am so sorry but I haven’t tasted any of these lip crayons! Is it something I ought to be doing? I can remember a lipstick called ‘Pepperrmint Pink’ and one called ‘Tangy Orange’, can’t remember who by, as I think I was only 15. The pink was a great colour but your lips used to sting with the peppermint taste!

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