Eyeshadow pencils that really work!

I can’t believe how easy these are to use and how long they stay on your eyelids.
I have a soft brown and a gold on the other end of the pencil and both are very useful. The brown for normal daytime and a touch of gold on the top for evening. They are so very easy to apply and have a smudged effect, not a hard line, so you don’t actually need to use eyeliner, so really good for daytime, and these summer months!

I have just looked on line to see what other colours they have, but unfortunately, it is a limited edition and they ARE SOLD OUT! However I did think this combination would be good to try as it’s years and years since I have ever tried coloured eyeshadows. We used to have blue or green and sometimes purple, all as compressed powders, which used to make a mess of your handbag, as it used to go into coloured dust “at the drop of a bag”.

This one is Pink and Teal and they did retail at £17, which I think is quite expensive, especially if you favour only one of the colours, I much prefer the brown and don’t use the gold as much.

ShadowStick DuoDuo Shadowstick Eyeshadow is in Pink and Teal and is from Estee Lauder’s Limited Collection.

There is a bit of a problem with sharpening it, I have tried my largest sharpener and it doesn’t work! Has anyone out there had the same problem? I would prefer just one eyeshadow crayon and a roll up mechanism like the Clinique chubby lipsticks. I am going to see if they do eyeshadows. I can’t cope with the inconvenience of having to look for sharpeners!

I also find that if you carry it in your handbag, the lids come off, unlike the Clinique chubby lip colours.

Could anyone point me in the right direction to the ultimate eyeshadow stick? It’s got to be longlasting like Estee Lauders’. Thanking you in advance? Would love to hear your thoughts.





  1. Weeeell, I know that Gosh cosmetics do some eyesliners that require no sharpeners, just like the Clinique lip-thingy. They have them in a zillion colours, and some are probably mute enough to wear as eyeshadow! And they’re waterproof – AND they don’t test on animals. Whoah whoa! I love their liquid eyeliner, but their mascara wasn’t as good. But I do have faith in these! Maybe they are worth a try?


    Have a fabulous day!

  2. I love the Sue Devitt pencils but they have the same problem of the lid coming off and having to have a special Sue Devitt sharpener. I might try the Revlon Colorstay as it doesn’t need to be sharpened. Will just have to see about it’s smudging capabilities.

  3. Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliners are really long lasting, and come in a good range of colours. They are smudgeable for a few minutes, and then set, and stay, till the next day! They have recently introduced a shadow chubby as well, if you’d prefer that. The sharpener is the best I have ever bought, so I really recommend that also.
    Rowena of Beauty and the Bullshit explains pencil formulation brilliantly – what to buy, and why. An industry insider, she happily busts all beauty myths – definitely a must-read! And she’s very funny x

    1. I have heard about Urban decay as my youngest daughter has just married and was given a bride’s box of wedding day cosmetics! She looked amazing! I must see if I can post photos as her friend did her make up! Will be good to borrow her makeup instead of lending out mine!

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