Under-eye cream investigation!

At last! Everything back to normal and here I am again! Sorry for the pause in time! I am just soooooo busy now that I have retired, that I don’t know how I ever fit everything in when I was working full time!

I have inherited my father’s under-eye bags which seem to glow if I use some types of cream, especially if they are too oily or if they have that glycerine look?

I have come up with three makes that I have been investigating since JUNE! It takes that long for me to make a decision, and I always feel that if I am going to spend a lot of money, that it has to be good and worth the cost.

Between the three, I have decided that, for my problem, I give ‘Caudalie Premier cru’ first place. Here’s why: Firstly, it reminds me of my favourite wine! Secondly, it doesn’t leave a sheen, which accentuates my ‘bags’. Thirdly, it absorbs really quickly and seems to be chalky, so dries and tightens quickly without lots of massaging in. Lastly, it comes in a squirty bottle with a press down applicator, so it is easier to obtain just the correct amount, and you aren’t left with loads to massage in.

It does tell you to apply morning and evening around the eye from the inside, working out. I don’t. It is expensive and I only use it in the mornings.

Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream - Caudalie

Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream is an exceptional eye cream which provides superior results and contains for the first time Caudalie’s 3 signature patents – titrated Resveratrol and Viniferine from Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte grapevines and grape-seed Polyphenols.

The unique combination of the best anti-ageing research make this elixir of youth perform wonders on all signs of ageing around the eye contour: wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, lack of radiance and firmness, leaving the eyes with a renewed youthfulness. Its silvery, coppery and iridescent pearly particles immediately correct dark circles, brighten up the eyes and remove imperfections.

SKIN TYPES: For skin who wishes to have a global action against the signs of ageing: wrinkles, lack of firmness, lack of radiance and dryness.

HOW TO USE: Apply Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Ceram morning and evening on face and neck, by itself or after Caudalie Vinoperfect or Vinexpert serum.

It is so well worth its £49 and it DOES correct dark circles. I LOVE it and I have been on their website and am about to try their handcream as my next investigation is about ageing hands; I have been non-stop, wall-to-wall gardening as the weather has been good and unfortunately my ‘garden-gnome’ seems to be protecting his back by reading the papers in the mornings, whilst ‘the princess’ is digging out those shrubs that have overgrown their allocated areas. My poor hands and back! Hence handcream next!



    1. Mmmmmm Not sure about the curse, just depends whether your husband is understanding and realises that we are ‘princesses’ after all and we deserve the best! Love form your Mum! Keep up the ‘blessing’ aspect!

  1. Oh, good. You’re back. I have this eye cream and it’s on my list to use next when my NV Perricone one runs out, which ought to be this week. I am using the Premier Cru face cream at the moment and that’s jolly nice, although to my mind nothing makes as big a difference to your skin as serums.

    1. Btw, this is currently on sale at salonskincare.co.uk for £36.75, reduced from RRP of £49, so if you like it, you may wish to stock up.

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