Dr Hauschka skincare! Wunderbar! Ausgeseichnicht!

I have reached the end of my search! This is now me! Tried and tested and I love it! I am not too sure whether my german is correct as I haven’t used it for the last 43 years!

I am really so pleased to have met a lovely lady, Heather, a Dr Hauschka consultant, who has introduced me to the Dr Hauschka skin care range. I have been trialling several products for the past couple of months. I still haven’t quite got the daily moisturiser right for my skin type but I am working on that; there is such a wide range of ‘possibles’ and I am now really doing as I am told and following instructions and also giving the products time to do their job, so not a one week trial!

I am delighted with Dr Hauschka’s Regenerating Care products and their description: “A vital ingredient isoflavone-rich Red Clover is known to prevent signs of premature ageing. It is also credited with helping the body combat hot flushes! 

I am now 60 and have been for six months. I can remember standing at the counter in a department store with some ‘wrinkle cream’ I had bought for my 53rd birthday, waiting for the counter assistant who represented the range. I was going to complain to her that the range made me really HOT and I wanted to know if I had an allergy to it. Fortunately, she was on her lunch break!

My sister in law informed me that I was suffering from ‘POWER SURGES’ and to just enjoy them as they last for 10 years! “Bring ’em on!” I would be in front of a class and could have taken off my jacket and cardigan AND put them back on again within 3 minutes of the introduction to the lesson! I thought they didn’t show until I caught my reflection in a mirror whilst in a restaurant! Wow! So that’s what hot flushes are like.

Unfortunately my Mum died at 61, after having discovered a breast lump, had a masectomy and chemotherapy, only to find the cancer had spread. I haven’t ever taken HRT, which is supposed to work wonders, but which wasn’t advised because of my Mum! What I did take were natural remedies like Wild yam and Red Clover and when I told my doctor, he just laughed and said that HRT was a natural product as it was extracted from horses’ urine!

I know this is very boring to all you young lovelies out there! I know that we all think the progesterone and oestrogen enhancing birth pills are OK and better than having ‘babies’ and I was ‘on the pill’ for eight solid years in ‘my salad days’ when it had just been developed HOWEVER I have always been a keen supporter of natural products. I have munched my way through celery and fennel to supplement my oestrogen and am a firm believer in ‘what you eat is what you are’ and when a child, I remember soaking rose petals in water and producing a mouldy, yucky smelling ‘perfume’ AND cutting the recipes for face cream out of my Mum’s ‘Woman’s Own’ magazine, and mixing concoctions form vaseline, petroleum jelly and shaved coconut AND covering my hair in a paste of camomile flowers to keep it blonde! I was a follower of Cleopatra’s milk and honey bathing! The quickest way to absorb chemicals is through the skin, apparently, and I rest my case with those ‘progesterone patches’ and creams! ANYWAY what I am trying to tell you is to beware of chemicals in products ( dioxins from plastic water bottles when left in the heat!), I could go on and on and on ad infinitum!

I am loving Dr Hauschka because they ARE WHOLLY NATURAL!

The products I love so far are BRILLIANT for my skin, may not be so good for your skin type, but their range is vast and some stores have a skin consultancy option.

View large photo of Neck and Décolleté Cream

Neck and Décolleté Cream

Firms the skin of the neck and décolleté, diminishing lines and wrinkles caused by dryness. Skin feels firm, with its structure refined.

This is £49:95 for a 40g tube but is so well worth the money! I only use it on my neck daily, you only need a small amount and it’s great on the areas that show when wearing a low cut dress, which for me, now, isn’t all that often, as my party-life is dwindling!

View large photo of Regenerating Eye CreamThis is £49:95 for a 15ml dispenser BUT be warned, you only need ‘a smidgen’. Sorry to go on a bit about how much things cost but I think it is important when spending so much that the product is worth it and this is! I just have confidence that this is sooooo natural and I really like the slightly ‘medical’ smell OR, here we go with the old olfactory memories, the smell when you sniff those pink cloth ‘elastoplasts’, plasters?

This is what it says on the website:

The sensitive skin around the eyes needs special care, particularly as we mature. This wrinkle-reducing and eye cream contains high-quality, natural ingredients to stimulate the innate functions of the skin and support its regenerative processes.


  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Regulates the moisture content of the delicate skin around the eyes.
  • Absorbs quickly.
  • Can be applied before make-up.
  • Ophthalmologically tested.
I am totally hooked with these two products and use them daily and will be writing about Dr Hauschka’s regenerating serum and moisturiser AND Intensive Treatment 04 in my next post! They have a really informative website which I am just about to go on, as they give all ingredients, so you can research them AND actually are able to READ the print on line before buying. http://www.drhauschka.co.uk I am looking at replacing my ‘Body oil bliss’, can’t believe this is happening after so many ‘slippery’ years; I may have to develop headaches!
Lots of love to you all, have fun, enjoy and be happy. Chris (Ruth’s Mum)
(I have good news, Ruth is going to give me a hand with setting up Twitter. No idea what it is BUT it will be a hoot! Anything could happen! I need to look at some way of marrying off my son, who is a handsome hunk of six foot four and looks like that guy, Daniel someone, from James Bond movie? I could Twitter him? Also, I have been informed by Ruth that I need to put in website details? HAVEN’T A CLUE! BUT I HAVE NO FEAR!)
My problem is, I am so divided about its worth, am I just speaking to the air? I told a friend, who is young and very with it, about my posts. She texted me at about 11 pm, saying she should be asleep BUT was ordering a pair of FITFLOPS, having read my post! I felt very useful! I am in a quandary! What do you think?


  1. I have not entered into the Twitter world as yet, but I know a lot of people like to be updated that way. I love your posts, and you always make me smile. I’m willing to bet I am not alone in that, so it would be great to spread that to a bigger crowd, I think. Also, your perspective on things has helped me understand where my mom is at to some degree, and I like being able to pass your tips and reviews on to her. Thank you!

    1. Dear Jo’
      I am now on Twitter apparently! Ruth gave me another lesson this morning over the phone! She is really patient but I think I have been a challenge! However you can only use 140 words!

  2. Hello Ruth’s mum! Just to reassure you, if you join twitter I’ll follow you so you’ll have at least one person reading your tweets! It’s all rather odd at first but you’ll soon get the hang!

    Enjoyed your tales of flushes (if enjoy is the right word?!) – anticipating the ‘change’ with trepidation; I’m 44 but my mum cheerfully told me that she got hers in her mid 40’s and that often the timing is herdetary – thanks mum!

    1. I have done the Twitter bit but I am not so sure I have been doing it correctly BUT Ruth has just given me another lesson over the phone and I am thinking that if you go onto mymumsays@wordpress.com, then there is a link to take you to Twitter? Am going to need a cup of coffee to get me fired up again I think!

      Mums can say the wrong things sometimes can’t they? I am the seventh child in my family so have relied on all my elder sisters (we were 7 girls and one boy!) to tell me bits and pieces BUT not everyone TELLS, even sisters, I suppose because everyone is different?
      With love from Chris

  3. Hi Chris
    I think you should definately have a website & Facebook page (I don’t use Twitter). I love reading your posts, I find them so informative & funny too. I’m 31 & remember making my own ‘perfume’ using flowers from mum & dads garden lol & I used to make all kinds of potions using food from the cupboards so your post really bought back some funny memories. Anyway loving your posts & would love it if you had a website & Facebook page 🙂
    Love Shelley x

    1. Hi Shelley,
      Thankyou for your reply; it was encouraging to hear that the’ potion-making’ has been passed on to you lovely young things! I have been introduced to Twitter by Ruth! She has been very patient! However you can only write up to 140 words! Haven’t quite got the hang of ‘following’ people and it seems to be more like just texting or overhearing a telephone conversation to someone you don’t know! Maybe facebook would be better ALTHOUGH I am still trying to get the hang of WORDPRESS! Watch this space!
      Love from Chris

  4. Thank you for this interesting post. Now, down to business, how old is your son? Haha! I have two very beautiful daughters – one is 23 and the other is 26. Beautiful, intelligent, stubborn, laughter filled girls, who speak both english and french and love sports and the open air. However, be careful, we live in Australia so you could lose your son to a foreign country!

    1. Dear Kathryn,
      Too far to travel for that first date! However, they sound lovely! I have a sister who has lived in Perth for about 50 years and I haven’t visited yet! There could be a possibility!

  5. Hello!
    I love your blog, and found you through Ruth’s. I’m a firm believer in natural products as well. It’s interesting that you mentioned the celery as a sort of natural prevention, but do you mean the smallage or the root tuber? And do you eat them raw or in salads or something? Most of the time I wonder how much I should eat of something in particular to enjoy the benefits.
    I’m always on the look for information on foods and their health properties. Hope you could write more about it.

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