My Mega Boden Problem!

This is what I really don’t want my husband to read as he doesn’t have any idea as to the extent of the problem!

When my children were at home, after work, there was an endless list of things to do:making meals, shopping for food, transporting one or other to a music lesson,dropping one at a friends, marking my maths books etc etc.

THEN………there wasn’t anyone at home! Oh my! I would come in after work, grab a cup of tea AND do retail therapy on line! Didn’t have to meet the public! No parents hiding behind the clothes rails in Debenhams (sorry I know you wouldn’t do that….you’re too busy) no nausea from that horrible noise of the coathangers swishing in TKMaxx, when you are faced by rows and rows of colours, sizes etc etc!

So…perfect…a little browse on Boden! Mostly I would just put ALL the things in my basket that I liked, sometimes the bill would be over £500! AND THEN I would go to the shopping basket and hit the OFF button, never going to the CHECKOUT!  Blissful, buying but never spending; I was much too tired after a day with ‘every hour a different set of 30 or more teenagers’ I deserved a little bit of therapy!

However, when you go back the next day after work, the Shopping Basket at Boden is still there AND it has lovely little pictures of all the clothes you have selected!

I am such a good customer! I just love their clothes! Some are appalling for the price BUT I tend to only shop when there is a discount and free postage and their reviews are extremely good. Because of my ‘Power Surges’ I had to throw out all synthetic clothing as it just makes me soooo hot ! Cotton, silk and wool for me!

Many of Boden dresses have a cotton lining! Bliss! I started to buy from them about 8 years ago. I had to ask them to leave parcels where my husband wouldn’t see the spotty bags! However I have it under control now! Or rather, my husband will now watch as I do a cat-walk of the garments! Isn’t he lovely!! What a catch! Sooo pleased I got him!

This blog is really for the older dresser, as Boden seem to cater for little tummies and sometimes wider hips, but you have to really look carefully at the cut and read the details. They are brilliant, you can spend days reading reviews and then days deciding and then days trying them on with other items in your wardrobe!

I am writing about this now as I have just been on the Clearance section and ordered some really nice woollen trousers and a silk dress, even though they are lined in polyester! They are just a classic style. Have a browse!

Cheerio for now! I am off into the wonderful sunshine we are having. Sorry no pics.


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