Dr Hauschka again! Plus Sainsbury cotton T shirts! Plus Twitter! Plus Facebook!

I am so so pleased with these skin products that I am writing about them again! I haven’t as yet bought the body oil to try BUT am going to have a look and a smell when I am allowed out to shop!
There are difficulties with my retail outings now that I have a ‘retired’ husband and I have noticed he ‘clamps’ my hand to the shopping trolley EVEN in Sainsburys!! I go ‘off piste’ now as our local store has got a clothing section!

Just by the by, if you need pure cotton T shirts as I do because of my ‘power surge’ problem, and you find they always wash up and leave a gap at the waist, which gives you cold kidneys, then Sainsbury’s round necked, long-sleeved are soooooo long, you can stuff them in your knickers! You young lovelies probably don’t have that problem but I am now too old to be relevant AND as you can see by my title, I can’t keep to one subject for very long! I have bought three, black, red and that sludgy taupe colour, of which I have loads in my wardrobe! Why do all the fashion critics tell ‘oldies’ not to wear taupe? I love bright colours and wear them often BUT taupe is definitely elegant and discreet and can be matched with purple! Ah well! They know best?

Dr Hauschka! How I love you! There is someone who twitters me called LovHauschka BUT I now don’t know how to answer back! I have now got screens and screens of Twitter people? I have no idea how to answer? Also you can see all their conversations? Is that right? I am not too sure I need that; I have always been strongly against Facebook just as my youngest daughter has been strongly into it, she once asked me if I’d like a look at an old friend’s son’s wedding photos which had been posted onto facebook! I was appalled to see ALL photos, showing family, my friend and husband whom I hadn’t seen for years! I felt very uncomfortable; it felt like spying into their personal life! When my younger daughter was married last month, I didn’t send the link to her photos to any of my friends as I felt it was inappropriate, as some close family don’t have computers! Wow! Anyway, having lunch, a friend told me her daughters had seen them on facebook ages ago!

Having taught 8years to 13 year olds fro the past 20 years, I have watched the development of these communicative internet facilities, alongside media’s Celebrity shows and X Factors and it is quite sad to watch the yearning for every child to become a ‘celebrity’, whether a footballer, singer, dancer so they can ‘have the life-style’. Also increasingly sad that they spend hours communicating with each other via a screen.

HOWEVER I don’t know where this leaves me, sitting here tapping away and so enjoying it all? Confused.com I think. I used computers every day in work, great for lessons, great for Art and my interactive white board was brilliant for Maths BUT not too sure about pasting up personal lives, photos etc on facebook? Do you think it is an intrusion into worlds which should be private? Is it everyone’s desire to be a bit of a celebrity?

Twitter is good because no photos BUT really ! Less than 140 characters? We’ll be back to morse code again! Better than pigeons though! I can remember waiting for hours in the cold outside the RED telephone box up the road to phone boyfriends! There used to be a queue!

HOWEVER, the truth I suppose is that the photos of ME on the weblink were awful! I was sooo po-faced and ALL my friends and family could see how awful I looked! I’ve got over it now and will never wear that frock again NOR wear my hair up, in fact it is too long now and will be chopped soon! VANITY!

Regenerating Serum

View large photo of Regenerating Serum

Used morning and night, the Dr.Hauschka Regenerating Serum firms and revitalises mature skin. In addition, it also regulates and promotes the skin’s regenerating and moisture processes. This is an ideal replacement for night creams.


  • This is a Dr.Hauschka 2011 Hero product. Hero products are all highly-revered, award-winning products that produce brilliant, beautiful skin.
  • Regulates the moisture content of the skin, leaving you with skin that feels fresh, firm and revitalised.
  • Oil-free day and night care that allows your skin to ‘breathe’.
  • Soothes red and sensitive mature skin conditions.
  • ingredients

    • Water/Aqua,
    • Alcohol,
    • Pyrus Cydonia Seed Extract,
    • Glycerin,
    • Trifolium Pratense (Clover) Leaf Extract,
    • Algin,
    • Kalanchoe Daigremontiana Extract,
    • Honey/Mel,
    • Fragrance/Parfum,
    • Limonene,
    • Geraniol,
    • Citronellol,
    • Linalool,
    • Benzyl Benzoate,
    • Farnesol,
    • Citral,
    • Eugenol,
    • Sucrose Laurate,
    • Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar) Gum,

    I am over the moon with this product! It is £53:95 and so well worth the money! I LOVE their website because it has ingredients AND how to use! The leaflets in the boxes are in BIGGER PRINT than other products! AND they have really useful reviews! The serum absorbs beautifully and makes your skin really soft! There isn’t a smell and it looks like a clear liquid. You only need about a 20p covering. It lasts for ages! I haven’t got the hang of using anything on top as suggested and I use it as a daily moisturiser (or should I say sealant?) However, I am really undecided whether I prefer the day cream:

    View large photo of Regenerating Day Cream

    I have tried their regenerating day cream and it is lovely! £52:95 I love the colour of the cream and its smell. I have got the hang of using just the correct amount to be absorbed into my skin; if you put too much on, it sort of stays a bit ‘tacky’. The best are the ingredients, as it has red clover in, which I used to take as a meno-pausal remedy (see previous post on Dr Hauschka)

    LASTLY, I have tried out their Intensive 04 spray but at night after cleansing. You have to use this for 28days and not more than four times a year, I think. Most night creams are horrendously greasy but I find this brilliant! I have never enjoyed being sprayed in the face as a luxury treat and don’t like those toner sprays for that reason. I hat getting my face wet, even in the shower! I do W I swimming, where you go up and down doing breast stroke and chatting to your friend! In fact I chose a sports centre once, affiliated to a posh hotel, ONLY for the pool; it was 4 ft the whole length AND the ladies swimming wore their specs AND some wore swimming hats, others had stiff, hair-laquered hair styles, the sort that don’t move!

    Ruth said at the weekend that my skin looked amazing! So thankyou Dr Hauschka and Heather for expert advice! I will chat about Intensive 04 next time but use their site. Now I don’t know how to get this in blue? http://www.drhauschka.co.uk



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  1. Absolutely agree about facebook. I realised it had gone too far for me when a friend of a friend appeared on my page as a recommended contact and the profile picture she’d chosen was her ante-natal scan. Call me odd but I didn’t like it, for all the reasons you put so well in your article.

    Anyhoo…I’m really here for the Dr Hauschka…also too old to be relevant, I love the cleansing milk and a masks and a couple of the day creams..the regenerating serum is good then?

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