Media? Scare-mongering? Who is paying for this advert?

Hello, you gorgeous lovelies, I’m back!
I do apologise, but I just can’t keep on talking about face creams for the rest of my life! Okay, so we all want to look good, and I must say, I said to my husband the other night:”When I wake up tomorrow I will be young and beautiful!”, and fell around laughing, but we have to feed the brain, the intellect, as well as our vanities. What complex creatures we are!
If we are financially challenged we can coin the phrase: We are what we eat and drink and forgo the outlay on expensive cosmetics? I can. Can you?

In the past fifteen years or so, our lives have been inundated with the media: adverts for perfect skin, hair, body etc etc. We go along with it BUT we’re not stupid, thank you very much! Media has power if you believe it? Don’t we all question the adverts? Great link to the guardiancomments that my younger daughter sent me, which is criticising the Christmas adverts, especially the John Lewis one!) We all know that they pay thousands to advertise stores and products and we have discernment; so we read, or view the blurb and make intelligent decisions. We may be vain, we want to look good, and you lovelies don’t have to try hard at all, because youth is just so beautiful and energetic anyway, but we do question!

So, what is this scare-mongering all about: firstly, the advert in newspapers about: if someone you know has had a cough for over three weeks, then it could be cancer, so take them to the doctor’s, and then a full blown advert on the T V. Wow! What exactly are they all about? Who paid for this advert? In this particular time when people are losing jobs and youth don’t have any opportunity to get either a job, or a mortgage and still THE BANKERS are GETTING their BONUSES and STILL doctors are smiling with their wonderful pay-packets they received from the previous government! WHO PAID FOR IT? Do they want to fill the surgeries so that the doctors work for their money? is it pay back time? Or is there some spare cash left in the NHS? Is it a government ruse to distract us from the state of the economy? Give us another worry?

I was reprimanded, by Ruth, for using capital letters; she said I should use italics instead, but I disagree, because it helps my frustration in trying to understand and to communicate my disbelief in the ‘mickey-mouse perceptions’ of our ‘all-smiles-us-and-them’ ministers! What is the definition of ‘minister’? I wonder, someone who serves others?

I love that word ‘poppy-cock’, bamboozle or perhaps ‘procrustian’,taken from the story of the greek robber, Procrustes, who had a bed, on which he either stretched or shortened his victims, so they fit it!

There is just so little reality and perception in their knowledge of anyone, apart from their own kind. So nothing changes and we live in a world of plutocratics and celebrities, so what have we got gals……we have each other and blogging, which I love and I hope I haven’t distracted you from my next bit of advice: Always use handcream!

My Mum always had a small metal circular tin of Atrixo handcream in the kitchen windowsill. I loved the smell of it on her hands: see how those olfactory memories follow us. I haven’t done as mother, and now I am paying the price as I have gardeners hands.

I have tried several really expensive handcreams instead of my Moulton Brown usual but have found they make my hands shine and so show up all the wrinkles. I sound a mess, I know. I recommend Crabtree and Evelyn everything for price and effect, although I loved Caudalie handcream but it was more expensive!



  1. Try Activeformulas,com Tattoocare serum and cream on face and hands… you’ll be surprised at how cheap premium skin care that really works can be! This made a radical improvement to my paws, and I do wash up sans gloves, and grub in the ground. I’m trying out a few other bits from the site too. As for the rest, don’t get me started – grrrrrr! xxx

  2. Oh how I enjoyed this post! I feel as though I just had a chat with a friend. We don’t have that crazy advertisement you are talking about here but I full agree with you that we should remember to question what we see in the media, – especially the advertisements, and remember – they are full of crap!

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