High Maintenance and DIY Spa Sessions. Green and Spring Products.

I have had several attempts over the past years to replicate the ‘Spa experience’ and I would advise everyone now to just save up and splash out a few times a year for special occasions. They are costly but worth it! When I was little I can remember really wanting to bathe in milk and honey like Cleopatra!

So far I have been covered in bits of rose petal or crushed oatmeal, sat in an oil slick for half an hour, only to find that the soap doesn’t work and it is highly dangerous and slippery when you try to get out. I now know that candle flames do burn and lavender can be soporific and I have a fear of drowning whilst sleeping (I hate water…I am a W I swimmer, the sort who does breaststroke on the side with their head out of the water so they can chat….I chose the last hotel pool because I noticed ladies swimming with their specs on and swim hats, with flowers on the side as in days of yore, some had ‘hairdos’, those tight perms AND specs on…..anyway I hate going under the water and I can’t be splashed AND the pool has to be shallow all the way, but even if it is, I still like to be in reach of the edge……I have been practising holding my nose and going under the water in the bath for years and I still ‘struggle’….I hate those face ‘spritzer’ things, or toners….who in their right mind wants to spray their faces?….I just hate getting wet!)

I did have a nasty experience with my husband which did sway the ‘Shall I marry him or shall I not’ argument, he didn’t know my dislike of water; he flipped me upside down in the water in a spa in Pammulikke in Turkey! It was a close encounter with death for me as I emerged spluttering and absolutely shocked, I needed resuscitation. He hasn’t ever done that again! I did marry him! His consolation techniques were phenomenal! The children couldn’t believe that he had had the courage to almost unwittingly drown me and still be alive!

I have been putting a few drops of lavender oil, and sometimes eucalyptus, in my bath for years, to relax me, and it has dissolved quite well, and I could still use my cherished Moulton Brown bath foam, to give me the total ‘bubble’ effect, which I love, so that only your head is above the bubbles. When I was staying with one of my sisters, she gave me some ‘floating candles’ which had batteries in them, I wasn’t particularly impressed.

I’ve just re read the above and the batteries were to light up the candles NOT to make them whizz around! Okay.

Anyway back to the DIY-Spa. I have been trying out a few products from ‘Green and Spring’

The ingredients in the Green and Spring products are definitely from a pleasant childhood experience and I just can’t fathom them. They are very subtle and there is a delicate ‘meadow-flower’ smell which could be the chamomile, which I can remember collecting and grinding the flowers into a paste with rose water and then plastering it all over my hair, to keep blonde hair blonde. It dripped everywhere and was soooo difficult to wash out! I can remember my Mum was very cross at the state of the bathroom. I was probably about twelve.

Green & Spring Indulging Shower & Bath Foam - Green and SpringGreen & Spring Indulging Shower & Bath Foam blends the delicate scent of rose and the sensual fragrance of jasmine with the comforting and restful properties of elderflower and red clover. This natural bath foam inspired by English country gardens, is naturally free from artificial colours, fragrances, parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGs, petrochemicals and has not been tested on animals.

£18 for 300ml so very comparative with my Moulton Brown favourites and actually not as much of a lather but made my usual seem rather like fairy liquid in comparison to Ecover!

I am not sure what some of these above abbreviated additives that the product claims to be free of are? I might have to look these up and now I am going to check all products and make sure they are free of them.

Green & Spring Rich Night Cream - Green and SpringAn intensely regenerative night cream formulated with a vital combination of essential oils, plant oils and extracts to increase suppleness, tone and elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. £38 for 70ml.

Green & Spring Rich Night Cream combines essential oils, plant oils and extracts to create an intensive regenerative cream for the night. The properties of precious rose, chamomile and rose geranium combine to soothe, balance and tone and are suspended in a rich cream of carrot and evening primrose oils. Both oils are rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and E and GLA, vital for increasing the suppleness, tone and elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The cream is boosted with the inclusion of marshmallow, comfrey and bilberry to increase cellular vitality and rejuvenation

Inspired by wild, ancient hedgerows, the Green & Spring skincare range of products blends dynamic ingredients including clarifying bilberry, enlivening horse chestnut and brightening elderberry.

SKIN TYPES: For normal, dry and mature skin including sensitive skins.

I am quite smitten with this product; I don’t generally use night creams as they tend to be so greasy and sticky. This one is very quickly absorbed and my skin is so soft in the morning that I have been tempted just to put it on again for the day! I know you aren’t meant to. I have run out of my Dr Hauschka serum, which I was using as night cream, so it is a really good substitute, and, who knows, might replace it.

I have tried the bath oil and the hand wash and hand cream and have discovered that I really like the subtle combination of ‘smells’ as they are not overpowering and don’t interfere with any subsequent perfume you wear through the day or evening. I LOVE the fact that they are organic and I found that the oils do soften the skin.



  1. Hi Ruth’s Mum! Loving reading both of your blogs!

    I have long followed Ruth’s blog and decided to set up my own last year after being inspired! Mine’s all about natural skincare and products just like Green and Spring (which I love). If you would like to know a little bit about these ingredients you mention, I only use and review products that don’t contain parabens, SLS and SLES, PEGS and a whole host more ‘nasties’. Have a read if you’re interested.


    I think it’s quite an important issue – if you care about what you eat, it figures to pay close attention to what you put on your skin. It’s the largest organ and absorbs 60% of what we put on it! And there are so many chemical free products that will blow you away! ^_^

    Anyway, thanks for posting!
    Sarah x

  2. Great review. I use only natural skincare because of allergens, so I was pleased to learn more about this brand. Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) are foaming agents, they can dry out skin and cause irritation. You will probably find SLS, parabens, PEG’s, petrochemicals in your Moulton Brown.

  3. i found this post so funny……you have a gift……any chance you could do a blog on the skincare you use/love/couldn’t be without type of thing – us “mature” gals could do with all the suggestions out there lol…….

    1. Dear Liz, I am onto the skincare bit. I have always used a moisturiser but haven’t always been faithful to any one brand. I am having a go with face oil at the moment but I find it can be rather greasy. my skin gets really dried out with the central heating and I am now having to use a night cream/serum/oil I think I have just about got my preferences sorted but I really like to give them ‘a run’ so will get back and blog the ones I am trying in next post! Many thanks for reading my posts xx

  4. Ooh, I’m very excited about the bath foam. You may like Space nk Balfour bath bubbles (it’s expensive, but very, very scented).
    I love the fact that green and spring don’t test on animals, they’ve never really been on my radar before. Thanks x

    1. I just can’t do LUSH I can’t even go past the shops without sneezing! It’s the same with soap powders! I can’t do air fresheners either! They do look really amazing and I love all the colours but I also have to be careful with colourings as they can give me a rash! I am a real wimp! Can’t even use Bodyshop stuff! I have to have simple soap or on the cheaper level Sainsbury’s pure vegetable! And only white soap. It’s a drag!

  5. Hi!

    This has nothing to do with the above post …but… I remember you liking FitFlops….if you go to BrandAlley.com ( great site) you will find they have fitFlops at 50% – 60% off!!!!!


    1. I went! Brilliant and I didn’t know about Brandalley but I have them on my bookmarks now! How come my daughters don’t pass this info on? Good job I don’t rely on them!

      1. yay – my fitflops were delivered two days ago. Brand alley does sometimes take a while to deliver…but thats ok with me

        Glad you like the site…I find it so tempting tho

        Diana x

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