Old Age and Sharing my Green and Spring DIY Bath spas!

I have a little extra information about my ‘Bath spas at home’ post.
I am not sure whether this will be useful?????

In days of yore I shared my actual bath with my husband (well actually, he wasn’t my husband then, we were just ‘courting’ and as soon as we married we had to stop, as the children were around, which makes me think it must have been in hubby’s bath) Now he is allowed to share my bath water only!

I have a real problem with ‘sharing’ things, now that I am a bit older. It started with my hair conditioner in the shower room. In fact I remember quizzing my hubby about the ’emptiness’ of the bottle and the fact that his white hair appeared to have got a yellow tinge! I rest my case as it was Blonde Highlighting Conditioner!

Then it was my car! Now I don’t mind sharing my bed BUT I certainly didn’t really want to share my car. Husband has always had my ‘cast-off’ cars, which he has then driven to death. His theory is that you buy old bangers and thrash them. Mine is that I like to pay monthly and have a reliable car. As a child, my father had lots of cars and I blame him for my love of them and my brother-in-law for my love of motor-bikes.

As it is, lovely hubby now drives my car and I sit beside him anxiously giving him tips, on building up the revs, and dropping the revs to corner, and ‘doing the H’, going from fourth to second. I couldn’t contain myself on one trip out in the countryside, and did say to him, that he would be much better driving a stage coach, as he could quite easily look from side to side at the scenery, and rely on THE HORSE to look straight ahead. He is a very lovely man and took it quite well.

Anyway back to the bath and Green and Spring. Sometimes my bath water is too highly perfumed for lovely hubby to want to share BUT he actually APPROVES of the Green and Spring perfume because “It’s much more subtle and I feel confident with my masculinity hovering over the shelves in Aldi doing the weekly shop!”  Wow! What a man! I do know I am very lucky. I was going to hire him out but he’s too good to share. He also has a brain as big as Britain and can start off a car-journey, and two miles in he is still going on about Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry 2nd, I frequently have to tell him that my brain is FULL-UP and I am going to VOMIT if he doesn’t stop. We are incredibly well-matched. I did suggest that he might like to re-train as a taxi-driver and then he could verbally accost all those poor tired people that need transporting to and from the airport. (Why is it that I am always the one that has to listen to the taxi-driver’s life story and lovely hubby doses off and doesn’t ever even chirp in with an ‘Oh really” or ‘What a shame’?)

That was a big moan! I only came onto my blogg because I have forgotten my password for my Twitter and I have a big question to ask you lovelies but I can’t get onto it so here is the question: What can I do about the unsightly thread veins covering ALL my thighs? I had thought of joining them all up with different coloured felt tips and turning them into flowery tattoos but some are on the backs of my thighs and lovely hubby is refusing to join in. He is VERY feisty at times. Maybe I should put thread veins in my Title so you can see my PLEA a little more. I need to do something before SHORTS weather.

Best Wishes to you all and I hope 2012 is being good to you. I am LOVING IT ……….every day is such a holiday. I am soooo lucky.



  1. I think tattoos all over your legs is a great idea; you could get them coloured in black and have skeleton bones tattoed over the top! x

  2. I have no idea what you can do about those thread veins, but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your chatty posts. Oh actually, maybe you could try laser therapy on those veins. I had a skin cancer removed from my face and the doctor then used a laser to reduce the redness, and at the same time also zapped away a little spidery red vein near my nose. I found the process a bit painful and afterwards there was redness and puffiness, but the end result was very good.

  3. IPL is what you need to get rid of thread veins.. You can get this done at a good beauty salon. However it doesn’t necessarily go on one visit but several.. So I recommend you going to a few different places to see if they have any offers for a package (6 sessions). I also recommend you asking them to look at your legs to see what they say before booking anything.. It is costly, but if the therapist is good, and has had lots of experience it will be worth knowing how many treatments she thinks it will take and how much it will cost. 😀

    1. Dear Mel
      I am soooo squeamish; it’s a good job the lady stapled my other ear quickly after she pierced the first one, otherwise I would have only had one done! I was in complete shock!
      I have thought of a solution which doesn’t threaten my ‘comfort-zone’ as I would probably have to get my varicose veins ‘done’ as well ( they turned up after too much standing at school, I never got them at all when I was pregnant!) I have pondered the question of old people wearing leggings and thought that I was much too old. I found the answer with Boden’s Roma trousers which will cover all ills and I will wear tunics over them. I am such a coward and will have to build up to the old laser treatment! Perhaps a birthday pressie? I am going to have a peruse at the beauty place opposite and see what they say?? Thankyou xx

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