Face oils? I can’t decide!

I have a spanish friend, about five years younger than I am. She looks amazing and her skin is always ‘glowing’ and I have a recollection that she mentioned she used rosehip oil.

When I was a child my sisters were already ‘grown up’ with careers or married with children, as there is a 14 year difference between my eldest sister and me. One of my sisters was an airhostess and, in those days, had quite an exciting life! I can remember my mother asking my sister’s friend, another airhostess, how she managed to keep such lovely tanned skin. The answer was a few drops of olive oil in the bath water!

As a teenager, on excursions to the beach with my boyfriend, we would take a lemonade bottle filled with a mixture of olive oil and vinegar! It meant you kept very still on your towel, otherwise you ended up absolutely coated in sand! We smelt like chips but we went a lovely colour!

I can remember my mother always kept a very small bottle of olive oil in the bathroom! God knows what it was for! No-one used olive oil for cooking! We had LARD!

When I was diagnosed with arthritis and osteoporosis, about 18 years ago, I used to go home at lunchtime and have a tablespoon of codliver oil and a cold glass of milk to swallow it down! I didn’t dare breathe, as I swallowed the codliver oil, as it stank so much of fish, and as a vegetarian, I couldn’t afford to have an aversion to fish.

As you know my favourite and cheapest body oil has been my mixture of almond oil with drops of lavender. I have coated myself in this throughout pregnancies, when I thought I might develop stretchmarks AND I am completely stretchmark free! Since then about once a week I go for the ‘oiling’ session.

I have a lovely memory of my old, indian, yoga teacher, from Madras, whose daughter had just produced a grandson. He told me how they oil the baby after their bath. Said grandson used to be balanced on my teacher’s knee, quite contentedly, as he demonstrated ‘movements’.

I have done a little survey on several face oils as I couldn’t imagine using OIL on my face. I am a bit of a ‘no chemicals’ freak, an organic goddess!


The potent, purifying and sebum-regulating botanicals in Saaf’s Organic Complexion Boosting Serum help to balance oily skin, clear breakouts, smooth away blemishes and improve skin tone and texture. Highly absorbent, the clarifying serum also helps skin resist the ageing process, giving it a soft velvety quality and promoting healthy skin renewal. You should soon notice a significant improvement in tone, texture and appearance as your skin looks clearer, brighter and more radiant, while feeling intensely hydrated.

Ideal for:

  • Detoxing congested skin
  • Oily and acne prone skin conditions
  • Dull skin
  • Hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone and texture


  • Safflower Oil is easily absorbed by the skin. It soothes skin irritations, increases moisture content and is particularly good for sensitive skin as it’s extremely skin compatible.
  • Jojoba Oil softens and protects the skin, leaving it feeling nourished.
  • Black Seed Oil is a wonderful anti-Inflammatory ingredient, rich in volatile oils such as nigellone and thymochinone, which have an anti-histamine, anti-infective and anti-oxidant effect.
  • High levels of NaturalVitamin E, which has twice the bio-availability of synthetic versions, promote soft and supple skin, aid healing and help to reduce old scarss.
  • Rosehip Seed Oil helps to lighten scars, blemishes and pigmentation problems by promoting healthy skin renewal.
  • Lemongrass and Juniper Berry essential oils help to shrink open pores and control excessive oiliness.

This is £29.99 for 30ml and really does go a long way and does make the skin very soft and glowing. You have to be really careful with oils and make sure they are fully absorbed, before applying any makeup, otherwise it just streaks all over the place.

The trouble with some descriptions is that I can’t understand the jargon and I need to have anti-infective described to me, likewise volatile oils? I become frustrated with the vocabulary used, and can’t decide on whether I should be using the product, as I don’t have any old scars or blemishes? Perhaps this would be a good skincare product for acne sufferers? I start to get really confused and then, when my hair starts to get oily and sticks to my face, I lose heart and wonder why I am trying it in the first place!

Good old Clarins!

I have used Clarins face oil but only as a night remedy for dry ‘centralheating’ skin. I thought it was amazing and loved its subtle perfume, but hated the way I stuck to the pillow, AND ended up with oily hair, unless I hung around until it had absorbed! The descriptions are quite concise and tell you nothing! The Hazelnut oil does help fine lines though, apparently. I actually love the smell and find it quite soporific. The dropper is quite worthwhile as you can easily overpour from a bottle and get it everywhere!

Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil ‘Dehydrated Skin’

100% Pure Plant Extracts

Skin Type: Dry
Texture: Oil

Moisture care for Dehydrated Skin. 100% pure plant extracts with no preservatives. This best-selling oil contains extracts of Rosewood, Patchouli and Blue Orchid to tone, revitalise and restore radiance to moisture-depleted skin. Hazelnut Oil helps prevent moisture loss and the formation of fine lines. 30ml £29

I think it must be the Patchouli smell that I like. I have realised that I am a ‘potent perfume’ person, something to do with Madame Rochas and Byzance and Samsara from Guerlain!

Back to Saaf which is persian for pure. I have tried their ultimate moisture serum


This ultra-rich serum is extremely nourishing and healing. It’s light and satisfying to use, leaving skin feeling fresh and velvety smooth. The unique blend combines ultra-effective natural ingredients to promote skin regeneration and help boost levels of collagen and elastin, making the skin appear smoother and firmer, while balancing impurities and soothing and irritations. Used frequently, Ultimate Moisture Face Serum will help restore skin suppleness and even out skin tone.

Ideal for:

  • Use day or night as a skin rejuvenation treatment
  • Dry skin
  • Prematurely ageing, mature or sagging skin
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Rosacea (redness or uneven skin tone) and hyper pigmentation
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil helps boost skin restoration and improve the elasticity of the skin. By promoting the production of collagen, it also helps reverse damage caused by sun exposure. It has strong anti-oxidant properties.
  • Natural Vitamin E promotes soft and supple skin, helps to reduce old scars, aids healing and makes Pomegranate Seed Oil work more effectively.
  • Rosehip Seed Oil is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of old scars and blemishes, and helps to even out skin tone. It helps skin regeneration, giving smoother, firmer skin.
  • Safflower Oil helps soothe skin irritations and increase the moisture content of the skin.
  • Ylang Ylang and Egyptian Geranium essential oils have calming and skin balancing properties and give the serum a light fragrance.

This is a lighter oil BUT unfortunately for me, I have an awful feeling that the vitamin E might be cod liver oil, I had flashbacks or should I say ‘smellbacks’ to taking the codliver oil on the spoon!

For me, I need an intensive olfactory experience and the ‘light fragrance’ just wasn’t enough although it does make your skin beautiful and soft and I have worn it underneath my make up.

I have only just decided to wear make up and my next post will tell you which FOUR foundations I have been using AND love! I have given away so much make up over the years as I just never looked right in it. I have it sorted! More next time!

Best wishes for an early SPRING. Book that HOLIDAY now!

Lots of love to you all




  1. I love face oils! I use every other night for nicely plumped skin in the morning. I’m currently on Trilogy’s Organic Rosehip Oil which I think is amazing. I’ve never heard of Saaf, but I’ll keep an eye out for it, especially as you say it works for oily skin, which would describe my skin perfectly.

      1. Dear Khadijat,
        I am totally hooked on the face oils as a face treat, a bit oily for under make up BUT great if you are having a day at home or as a night oil

  2. I’m so happy I found you again… I was so frustrated with my so-called computer skills that I was about to ask Ruth to say something to you for me again. I’d already asked her to thank you for the mention of Clarins and the possible caffeine connection. Fell in love with your daughter’s channel (Oooh! I’m learning the jargon, “channel”) and was about to ask her to perhaps include some advice for those of us whose skin is a tad older than her’s (ha!) and found you! Love your site ever so much. It’s certainly refreshing to see such a young looking xx-year-old – I can’t bear to mention the number of another woman – who has great advice and taste. And daughter. Like mine! And someone who apologizes about going on and on…like I always apologize for my ramblings to my friends…. I’m off, back to my iPad….cannot figure out how to post on the iPad and have had to go to a real computer to write this massively long bit. May I suggest YouTube also??? You’d do a great job of it and it would be wonderful to actually see you too! Delightful to see a mum and daughter so close and interested in the same things….a real treasure.

  3. I also used to love to make my own oil formulas w/ essential oils, Chris, though not with pomegranate oil…that hadn’t hit yet when I started. I don’t know why I stopped…too much other “stuff” going on, like kids, family, car pools…you know the drill. Is Madame Arcier’s aromatherapy shop/spa (with its best-ever massages) still in business, not too far from Harvey Nicks? That’s what made me an aromatherapy “nut” back in the ’90’s. Might be fun for you and Ruth to go there and report back!

    At any rate, now my skin is playing naughty tricks on me. My face has little bumps in the just-above-the-between-the-eyebrow area, which I thought might be stress-related but now wonder if it’s more complex. And those freckles I always detested on me are, let’s face it, now age spots – they are definitely NOT freckles if you’re over forty, much less over fifty. And finally the pores, as well as blackheads and holes! Now THOSE are a monster to deal with. Help!?! How did all this happen?

    I’m using a hodge podge of new products for these annoying skin problems but it’s not something I’ve had much experience with – simple Dove soap w/ occasional La Mer worked so well in the past. I started to really address these annoyances seriously after your lovely Ruth came onto my radar just a few weeks ago. Alas, too many products are not available in the States…. With Ruth’s cheerfulness and gung-ho-ness, I’ve been inspired; add in the mum factor and I’m hooked, I’m afraid! I look forward to making my way around your sites for more ideas. So far, things are looking better, face wise, but no magic yet. And yes, I know I need patience but really, there’s so little chance of that after so many decades of failing at that particular virtue! Love you and Ruth so much I’ve spread the word to a few of my friends. Thanks for any help. Thanks for helping out with your knowledge and experience! I do apologize for such a ridiculously long-winded post.

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