Saaf Skincare Eraser Bodyoil is worth a try!

Nature’s correction fluid in a bottle, this impressive toning and smoothing oil is a skin-saving formulation. It contains a high percentage of Rosehip Seed Oil which is known to effectively reduce uneven pigmentation and the appearance of raised scar tissue, along with Safflower Oil which soothes skin irritations while increasing the moisture content of the skin. Both nourishing and protective, Organic Eraser Body Oil promotes healthy skin renewal, guards against scarring, calms irritated, itchy skin and helps keep skin supple and smooth.

Ideal for:

All skin types
Reducing the appearance of stretch marks
Soothing away hyper pigmentation
Old scars
Protecting the skin from the effects of a sun tan

  • Rosehip Seed Oil helps to reduce pigmentation and raised scar tissue by promoting healthy skin renewal, even on old scars. It also aids cell regeneration and boosts collagen and elastin to create smoother, firmer skin.
  • Safflower Oil is easily absorbed by the skin due to its high linoleic acid content. It soothes skin irritations, increases the moisture content of the skin and is particularly good for sensitive skin.
  • High levels of Natural Vitamin E, which has twice the bio-availability of synthetic versions. It promotes soft and supple skin, helps to reduce old scars and promotes healing.
  • Mandarin essential oil helps ease and repair scars, spots and stretch marks.
  • Natural botanicals are rich in anti-oxidants which protect skin from free radicals and help boost your skin’s collagen matrix.  £35.99 for 100ml

I have been trying this oil out as a substitute for my ‘over-the-counter’ almond oil (with a few drops of what you fancy to make it smell nice)

It ‘does- the-trick’ If you go onto their site they are offering £10 off and free delivery on orders over £50

Their products are all beautifully packaged and feel very luxurious and look good on the shelf! This oil was much less slippery than my version, but I always have the same problems with the bottles they use, to put both face oils and body oils in, from most of the retailers I have tried; They come out in a great flurry and I get it all over the floor OR you try to tip the bottle slightly and NOTHING comes out!

This oil absorbs very quickly and DOES leave the skin feeling very soft. It does work! It doesn’t have the ‘cod liver oil’ smell BUT think I have discovered what this is; I bought a bottle of pure rose hip oil and, trying to get something a bit cheaper, I used it on my face and body and had to wash it all off as I got the same smell? No smell at all with the Eraser Bodyoil and so I go for the expense, well worth it. I just wish they would do a larger bottle for the same price as I have larger dry skin areas as I am older! Perhaps they do ‘pension-discounts’



  1. Hi Chris! This is, basically, what I wrote to Ruth but thought I’d run it by you as well since we’re close in age – that is, probably the same skin concerns in the general scheme of things. I know this is a bit off topic but do you have any thoughts on the below the eye area getting tiny bumps? I don’t have trouble with eye remover products – though I don’t often wear eye makeup anymore – but as soon as I start putting on any eye creams I’ll get a bump or two (oddly enough only on left eye) that then takes about a year or longer to disappear. In fact, first time this happened I thought this would be forever and was surprised that they went away after about five years, on their own. Because of this yucky thing I usually go without eye cream; however, at my age, those fine wrinkles are starting to set in. Also, so many products somehow work themselves into the eye; all too often just as I begin to read at night I need to jump up to wash it all off! Bobbi Brown’s eye cream’s been wonderful but I can’t help thinking I really do need something stronger for night, yet staying in the gentle category. And my so very, very skimpy eyelahes really need a conditioner but I’m afraid of more of those eye bumps popping up. Not always fun getting older! Thanks!

    1. Hello Irene. Unfortunately I have had a bit of a blip and I apologise for not answering quickly. My computer skills suddenly lost me all my replies to the Saaf Skincare Post.

  2. Come on Chris! You and Ruth got me into this mess of starting a blog and we, your fans, are not getting posts from you! Do so miss the “mature” opinion! 😉

    1. Sooooo sorry. I have had a bit of a blip! Also I had to check with Ruth that the government wouldn’t be reading all my bloggs and Twitters but she assured me THEY wouldn’t be too interested!

      1. Oh youth…they have no idea how interested the governments would be in our profound chatter! 😉 Glad to see you back as was beginning to worry if you’d gotten sick too!

    2. Sorry to hear of your blip with the dreaded (for me) computer. I started my blog just over a month ago and live in terror that a mishap will occur, and perhaps sooner rather than later, especially given than my computer skills are almost non-existent. My daughter has made a list of things to be explained during spring break (very patiently) on the darn thing since she says I’m doing everything the hard way. Daughters…don’t you just love them? (And I, of course, do!)

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