Start looking after yourself whilst you are young! Dr Nick Lowe products!

There are things I definitely wished I had done whilst I was younger if I had had the inclination. It is all about priorities; when we are young and busy with work and families, and running a multitude of different jobs simultaneously (chauffeur, cook, lover, housemaid, cleaner, counsellor, gardener, and thats without the ‘proper job’) it’s difficult to get time to think about yourself! BUT you must!

Well, now being retired, I have oodles of time and can’t imagine how I got three children off to school and then into work full-time and then all those music lessons, ballet, karate and drop-offs at skate board ramps! Managing to get the heating sorted before I went to work and the weekends full of washing and cleaning!

Money was really tight, and funnily, after all these years of hard slogg, still is! I had the cheapest ‘Beauty Care’ regime ever! I used the childrens’ Johnsons baby oil to take off my eye makeup, lipstick and blusher and then WITCH HAZEL from the chemist to tone before I went to bed. I WASHED my face with pure vegetable soap (no colours or perfumes as they gave me rashes) in the morning and used Johnsons baby lotion for the day (it was pink and had that baby smell!) Now and again I would have a treat and buy a ‘face-mask’ Everything was such a rush!

When I had a full time job, which wasn’t until the youngest child was at school, I then started to buy moisturiser from Body Shop, when you could take in the container and have a refill. I still used Witch hazel, as I always used it for the childrens’ bruises when they had fallen or bumped into things. I still have a bottle which I use, as I can’t stand these Spritzer spray things, Toners which you squirt into your face. Why on earth would anyone want to be squirted in the face by WATER; didn’t we all squeal and hide when we were playing with water-pistols in the Summer? Can’t quite get my head around that one; perhaps our lives are so lacking in stimulation that we need to give ourselves a surprise every morning! I hate water in my face and approach the shower rather like a bull-fighter. It’s worse in hotels where you don’t know how fierce the damn thing is going to be; I send my lovely hubby in first to set it properly for his princess, he did ask last week in the hotel, why I was wearing a condom on my head! He had better watch it or else he will lose his job!

Over the years I have tried so so many moisturisers, especially as the lines began to appear. I am a real sucker for the brand, the blurb and the packaging. I know the jars cost more than the product, but I was brought up on Ponds cold cream, a salmon pinkish cream in a really heavy white glass jar that my sisters used, along with the Nivea blue tins, so I am easily swayed.

I only ever spent my money on moisturisers, never cleansers or all the other things we were supposed to use?

NOW, I have plenty of time in the mornings, I can even get to a mirror to see myself before I go out! I always use Clinique eye makeup remover on cottonwool and Elemis cream cleanser, which I wash off with warm water or cotton wool off.  I have been trying their toner afterwards, as it has a nicer smell to my Witch hazel.

I have always been very suspicious of moisturisers which give a really silky feel as I have used glycerine in my oil paints ( and in fondant icing!) and if you get it on your hands it has the same feel as some of the moisturisers I have tried. However, I am now wondering if it is some sort of rubber or silicone that they use? I decided NOT to read the label at all of Dr Nick Lowe’s Secret formula. It is BRILLIANT. I have been using it for about a month and I LOVE it! Well done Doc! I have just been on his web site and I am converted. It’s great under your foundation as it provides a really silky base. It doesn’t shine! So you don’t end up looking like an iced bun! His website is really informative. You lovelies have probably been using his products for ages?

The Secret is Out Lifting Super Serum

This age-defying serum, designed to be worn under your moisturiser, contains a powerful peptide-derived lifting complex plus strong natural antioxidants Acai and Goji super berries to improve skin’s tightness and elasticity. With regular use, the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles is reduced, revealing firmer and smoother skin. 

Independently conducted trials revealed that 88% of users felt their skin was INSTANTLY smoother and more hydrated after application. After 4 weeks of daily use 78% responded that their skin smoothness improved, and the majority felt their skin appeared more youthful.

£25.52 for 100 ml

I think Boots stock it but I am back to the website! So excited! Next time I have got to tell you about this amazing foundation gel which just goes on like a dream!


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