it’s just perfect!

I have always had such a problem with face make up; it’s always the wrong shade or it goes on streaky or I get it all over my collar. I just LOVE this one which I have been wearing in the evening if going out (which isn’t very often so it should last for the next ten tears!)

Skin Perfection Gel - Rich 30ml

This is 30ml for £49.50 BUT it goes on like a dream as it is a gel and you don’t need very much at all. It is handbag size, brilliant for travelling and they sell it at House of Fraser where they give out advice on which colour will suit you and there are only four shades to choose from which I find so helpful. Once a week for the next ten years works out at about 9p a time? Hope it doesn’t go off! The other thing I like about it is, it is quite matt so you don’t end up looking like one of those shiny orange- tanned goddesses!

I also love the way it is so easy to get a small amount out and it is the consistency of whipped cream so it doesn’t run everywhere or spill out over the neck of the bottle or tube. It is best to put it on straight after your moisturiser.

Love it!


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  1. OOH – this looks intriguing! Actually it seems very good value to me given that it’s described as a primer, foundation and powder all-in-one. (I like multi-tasking products). Thanks to Ruth I’ve discovered the delights of By Terry Sheer Expert but I’ll be trying this out next time I go into House of Fraser.

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