Origins Brighter by Nature

I have been using this make up for about a year or more and it always goes in my handbag, as it has a mirror and little powder  puff, which reminds me of my Mum’s Max Factor powder compact.

I have two shades of it; one which is great in winter, when I am much paler, (05 light/ medium warm) and another colour (medium 09/deep neutral) which I use in the Summer when I have a tan! It does have an SPF 30 which really means nothing to me at all as I tend to use make up only in the evening anyway!

It does cover and colour really well and is so much more controllable as it is a powder, so you can add more, or less, to selected areas.

If you go onto their website there are also many more products but I have to really seriously stay away from all internet buying as I can ‘go shopping’ for a couple of hours and end up with stiff shoulders and rigid hips! Selfridges do stock it and then you have the beauticians advice on which tone suits you! Worth it!

Origins claim that the formula helps” fix flaws, block skin-damaging UV rays and that it gives long-lasting coverage”. Have a look on their website. I am going to try their Hide and Conceal stick which is only £11 when my Clinique one runs out!

Actually a friend bought me a Benefits eye concealer and shadow compact with mirror and brushes for a birthday pressie at least five years ago and I take it everywhere and use it every day.

Have a look anyway for this Brighter by Nature make up at

Once again it is really the packaging of the product, both with the Per-fekt foundation gel and this one, that actually make me buy it; one needs something light and easily applicable if you are on holiday, so full marks to these two! I can’t see me sticking a bottle, tube or jar in my handbag!

Hope this is useful? I much prefer the price of this one! Keep ‘tuning in’ as I have two others which ARE in bottles, which are still BRILL but I only use them at home, which hasn’t been very often lately, as I am trying to get as many holidays squeezed into my first year of retirement as humanly possible, or should I say husbandly possible! He doesn’t like HEAT, whereas I am all for continual sunshine, especially as we seem to get continual rain! Actually, he doesn’t like airports, looking at holidays on line, booking holidays or paying for holidays! I may have to leave him at home with his books and hedge-cutting if he doesn’t shape up soon!

Brighter By Nature™ SPF 30

Skin Tone Correcting Makeup

0.28 oz./8 g    £24 / 10g

Brighter By Nature™ SPF 30


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