Hands that do GARDENING!

MY ADVICE my lovelies is: ALWAYS use rubber gloves when washing up, (even if you use FAIRY liquid) and DON’T do ANY gardening EVEN with gardening gloves on, just watch your husband; his hands don’t matter, nor his back, they are built for it and they NEED to prove their innate masculinity at all times! So don’t start that “I’m as good as any man ” sayings, because we aren’t, we are wiser: we know we can do these things, much better, as we know exactly where that six foot mahonia tree needs to be moved to, but, we need to give husbands opportunities to show off their strength!

I have done my share of landscape gardening, and with the frustrating career of teaching, I used it as a form of therapy; back home from the staff meeting, DIG a bloody big hole and get over it, they’re not all procrustean, SOME of them have the three eyes: Intelligence, Intellect AND Initiative, AND some, embrace change.

I dug a pit in our garden which was the size of a small pool. I dug so far down that I reached the water level, and when we had a torrential downpour, one summer, it filled up and wouldn’t soak away. I floated plastic ducks on top and put the heron on the side, it almost covered the heron’s head! Husband, back from work, not amused. I took photographs of his surprised look!

Anyway, back to my advice, as it’s sunny outside and I am trying to move two camelias to safety before we have an extension built!

One of my lovely daughters, as they are both pretty amazing, bought me some crabtree and evelyn gardener’s recovery hand lotion plus this sort of rough garden scrub. BRILLIANT!

I never looked back, as we actually do have a Crabtree and Evelyn shop in town! I can thoroughly recommend their Jojoba oil and their new WISTERIA smelling hand cream and body cream (which comes in a gorgeous square glass container which looks great on the bedside table!)

I also found another product by Beauty, which is really good for cleaning gardeners’ hands, and you can go on line and have different berries etc added to the sea salt and oil which is its base. Really good for getting all that dirt out of those finger nails!

 This is cheaper on Amazon! The BEAUTY product comes in a jar which is actually easier to get out!
I apologise I have cleared all my bookmarks and I can’t find that other garden scrub which I thought was called Beauty and have looked at all the different Beauty websites and it isn’t in there. If anyone knows it can you let me know as I will be trying to get some more as I have run out of both brands now!


  1. Crabtree & Evelyn lotion sounds awesome. I love your way with words, please keep writing, and don’t just confine it to beauty stuff… You and your daughter both have a gift of making anything sound interesting.

    1. Mmmmmmmm Moni from Gravatar……….the knack of making ANYTHING sound interesting. Wahaaaay you could let yourself in for absolutely ANYTHING now……..Mmmmmmmm……..where shall I begin……read my next blog which I have been building up to for some time and will be posted inthe next few days I am soooo pleased you enjoy my writing Happy New Year xxxxx

  2. Love your blog – more please! Very important that its not just the 20 somethings that are putting their stuff out there. Our stuff is important too!

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