Chemicals we slap on our skin !

I have spent HOURS trying to get a PDF copy of a newspaper cutting which I scanned in to let you read BUT to no avail; I shall just have to write it out for you. One more try will copy to Word Document! Trouble is I have had years of using Microsoft Word and bought it for my Mac and it struggles to match up if that makes sense? Okay tried PDF and JPeg gonna write out the important bits!

From the daily 20p I(Independent)paper last monthish and cut it out for you. There was a previous SCARE reported, and commented on, actually by the RCOG, in the same paper, about the use of some chemicals in face creams, which they thought may have adverse effects on ladies’ hormones, leading to infertility OR miscarriages and I so wish I had kept that cutting too.

Allergy ‘epidemic’ from chemical in cosmetics

by Oscar Quinn

A chemical found in cosmetic and household cleaning products may be causing an epidemic of skin allergies, dermatologists have warned.

A special meeting is to be held at the British Association of Dermatologists’ annual conference in Liverpool this week to address the findings, which claim that shower gels, washing-up liquids and wet wipes could be resonsible for eczema and contact allergies.

The ingredient in question, Methylisothiazolinone (MI) is to blame for an increasing number of allergic reactions, accoprding to researchers at the Leeds Centre for Dermatology and the St John’s Institute of Dermatology at St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

Anyway, to cut it short because I only do two finger typing, MI is a preservative and had previously been used in a compound with an ingredient called Methylchloroisothiazolineon (MCI) but concerns that MCI was causing allergies led to manufacturers to stop combining the two! MANY industrial and household products, including cosmetics, contain both MI and MCI. I am really careful now, since my episode with the first anti-ageing cream I ever used, where I was going to return it, because it made me turn bright red and get HOT (I was 53 and hadn’t realised that was what menopausal ‘power-surges’ were like! thank goodness the girl on the Lancome counter was out at lunch!)

I really have always felt that we are exposed to too many chemicals and have always used my lovely slippery combination of almond oil (over- the- counter- in- a- brown bottle at Tesco pharmacy for three pounds ish) with five drops of lavender oil, I am sure I wrote a blog about it?

I have never bought those air fresheners that plug in, I spray the shower and run out, or wear a mask so that I don’t breathe it in, as we are breathing in chemicals very quickly into our systems!

Anyway beware and always read the ingredients, even though it takes HOURS. There is a really good website where you can look them all up, but I have my doubts, who’s paying ’em? I used to have a little saying “Love your enemies, trust but few, and always paddle your own canoe” I am still saying to my children to ‘Keep your own counsel and don’t just go with the flow, always question and find the answers before you plunge and never ever trust the media’

I could be a paranoid, suspicious person, perhaps, but I always feel we have to be in control of our thinking and never run along on those emotions of fear, vulnerability, vanity and sheer hysteria that can creep in when we aren’t looking.

I do really worry about you all out there as you are faced by an overload of information and so many choices and you are so very vulnerable. Take care xx



  1. Hello, just nipped over here from Ruth’s blog. Very interesting writing, really enjoyed a good read, thank you. I shall be back to read your updates regularly. I was wondering if you had an opinion on Weleda products? I would be interested to know your thoughts. Regards Anna.

  2. Part of the problem, in my opinion, is that Parabens started to get bad press at some point. There were extensive studies on them, and yes, potential risks but for much bigger amounts that we’d ever be exposed to. But they had bad press, and so lots of companies started replacing them so they could claim to be “paraben free”. The problem is that they were replaced by substances that had not been studied as extensively. And now we have allergies 😦

  3. You reminded me of my own mother with the bit in the end. She loved to use these old saying that I never fully understood lol. She always told me the exact same thing, take everyone’s advice but do what you feel is right. Thank you for reminding me of her most important teaching. I’ll make sure to be on the lookout for this chemical when I buy any cosmetics 🙂

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