Mother and Daughter : Versailles and Marie Antoinette

IMG_7643Well here we were in front of the golden gates of Versailles Palace! I haven’t read much about all the ‘Louis’ but didn’t need to, as VERY well documented in English, and we decided to have an audio input! AMAZING visit! We arrived at 10 am and left at 5 pm and could have stayed longer! We also visited the palaces of Trianon and Marie Antoinette’s estate, reached by a long ‘breezy’ walk through the Palace gardens ( it was so very windy that all the statues had been covered up, just in case parts were blown off and HIT us, french health and safety! WOW) IMG_7760

Not really too sure what this statue was? ? But all good fun! Had a whale of a time just guessing!


Favourite part of the Palace was definitely The Hall of Mirrors; so much opulence! I was trying to remember a T V programme, quite a few years ago, which was about the restoration of the palace? Must do a search! I am sure I have seen it recently, as part of a historical programme, perhaps Lucy Wordesley series? The ‘chapel’ was pretty ‘extravagant’ with its ceiling paintings!

IMG_7650IMG_7651But, best of all was Marie Antoinette’s palaces and gardens of Trianon, her retreat from the splendour and ostentation of Versaille, where Louis XVI was allowed to visit her. Wonderful. Every woman’s dream? Actually I was very taken with the mechanism of lowering the shutters over the windows of the Boudoir, a highly technical accomplishment.


IMG_7781I also really loved the wooden ‘gazebos’ which were all decorated with wooden carvings. They were applied to a metal structure and I am just checking them out, so I can inform my husband, how they are constructed, as I think, to show how much he loves me, he could easily pop a few into our garden.

IMG_7793I need a BIGGER garden.

IMG_7797Perhaps just start off with one of the flower urns? I can wait. I am very patient!

Ruth and I had a really good visit and fortunately, we were both so very interested in that particular period of history.

So very interested, that Ruth took FOUR hours to download the film of Marie Antoinette by Sofia Copola, onto her tiny Ipad, and we sat up in our twin beds, in the hotel, balancing it on our knees, until well after the early hours of the morning! I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘flippancy’ of the film and, of course, I so loved the fashion and the hair styles and the ‘silliness’  and decadence of it all. Definitely worth a watch BUT not on an Ipad, balanced for over two hours, on knees and pillows!

More to come! haven’t ever been to Versailles? Go with your daughter! Great fun!



  1. You and Ruth have such a great relationship. What a fun trip! (That statue looked a little risqué covered up like that haha)

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