Packaging and Presentation!

Okay just a few words on beauty products and how they look on my bathroom shelf: I have a problem in that  I only use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner because it has a black bottle for the shampoo and white for the conditioner; I really don’t like all those different coloured bottles, pinks, greens, blues and yellows littering my bathroom! I am also very short sighted without my specs, so I buy the same product and I don’t have a problem recognising products. I also find the bottles stay up really well in the shower(better than the squeezey containers) I LOVE the product.

I feel I have become a little procrustian ( hubby says I am pushing my luck with this word? Oh yeah? It comes from the story of a greek robber, called Procrustes, who had a bed which he put his victims in and either shortened them, or lengthened them to fit the bed! Bit like Nicholas Owen,who was the ‘priest-hole-maker-celebrity” of tudor-times and was a small man but they soon stretched him ‘on the rack’ when he was discovered at Harvington Hall?) rigid, unyielding, set in my ways? Actually it was Anthony Burgess who first introduced me to this word in one of his books but it may have been his auto-biography? He loved words! I really get off on new words and I must admit that I was completely seduced by my lovely hubby’s architectural terms: ionic columns, vaulting groins and ceiling bosses! Oh my! It still works, just writing them!

I really only wear Chanel (although I still wear Yves St Laurent Opium as a little nostalgic regress) and I just love their plain white and black packaging, but shock horrors, some bath oils are plastic bottles? Mistake? Oh yes, very much so if you are paying that price for excellence, why not glass?

I sometimes wish that I wasn’t so posh; I could manage much better on my pension. Also life is much easier if you don’t have expectations. No disappointments if you don’t have any expectations? Glass, plastic? who gives a damn? I bloody do!

My page is just words. Our expectations nowadays is for a plethora of visual stimulation, and I am not berating that aspect of creative stimulation; I am art based and know the passion of photoshop and facebook and u tube and other.

I am going to tell you a story of a friend’s grandchild, not quite two years old, who couldn’t understand why the picture in the book, didn’t change when he ‘swiped’ it over with his little finger,s and why it didn’t make loud noises, when he tried to push different areas of the picture; it was JUST a book with words!

We are surrounded with masses and masses of colours and shapes on the cosmetic shelves; the psychology of buying, in relation to colour choice, has been a long-term research project. I am now reduced to black and white and glass? I only have ‘one at a time’ bottles on the shelf (very small ledge actually) I bin anything I don’t like IMMEDIATELY, I just don’t harbour ‘things’ in the light that I might one day use them, no way! Bit like my life really; free up your existence, get rid of past baggage and live ! Having a great time! Wish you were here! Toodlepip!



  1. Love this philosophy…..I’m going to have a good clear out (and I’m never painting my toe nails again either…haha). Ruth says you should write more and she’s right 🙂 x

    1. Hi Seraphina,I use Beauty “Full Volume Shampoo” and the “Nourish and replenish” conditioner, but I also have to use my Paul Michell cream style stuff before I blow dry my hair and have just recently bought a Tresemme mousse to try out but don’t like it. I think what I need is to get my personal hairdresser(my lovely hubby, who cuts my hair) to try styling it??????
      I first started to use these products years ago, mainly because I can’t stand all the different colours of beauty products on my shelves and I have a black and white bathroom. Other reason is they are a good solid shape to stand on the shower floor without falling over and without my specs I know which is which!!!!! We all have different criteria for buying things. Just lately I have been driven MAD by the different types of EVERYTHING and all the jargons and wording BUT Tresemme do a good thing and if you put in your hair type they come up with the suitable solution. They do a Keratin one?????? But it is in a red bottle so not for me I am afraid.Toodlepip

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