Olfactory choices? My discovery! Caudalie and Clarins!

Thankyou to Caudalie Spa in ‘Etangs des Corots’ who managed to smooth out my forehead lines with their facial. They wrote down all the products they used, my beauty prescription came home with me and I have just re-discovered it. When you are having a facial, after a massage in a darkened room, the only senses you are actually using, are your hearing (relaxing music) and your sense of smell (all those different aromas) and of course touch, on the skin, of hot and cold and different textures. You don’t see the beauty products you just feel and smell them.When we are actually buying beauty products, it’s then that the ‘appearance’, packaging, logo etc, kicks in and becomes a deciding factor; small enough, light tube, to carry in handbag? will it look good on the dressing table? ( I haven’t got a dressing table, do they still exist, do people have them?) We are stimulated by visuals mostly, colour is a dictator of our purchases, the pink frock or the blue? So I found it really interesting to actually see what my Caudalie products looked like; definitely handbag and travelling light ones, they can all go in one smallish cosmetic bag. The new ‘premier cru’ moisturiser is wonderful, but it is £92.50 for 50ml. Now I am going to find a photo, as you will remember it, if you have the visual, along with the price? Oops can’t do it! It’s brown and gold so just imagine it! Not my colours at all.

Thankyou to Clarins as I really love your packaging, frosted glass jars and subtle colours, white with minimal red print BUT above all it is opening the jar and THE SMELL of the moisturiser, which sends me straight back to the smell, when opening PONDS cold cream, (or was it called vanishing cream?) which was in a glass, white jar and the cream was pink. I just love the smell. When buying roses to plant in the rose garden, don’t you go burying your nose in them at the garden centre? Definitely, I am an olfactory decision maker.

I also made a really big discovery, which you clever gals out there probably made much earlier on than me; always use the same brand for cleanser, moisturiser, neck cream and eye cream, it really makes sense and is more effective ( it LOOKS better, I really start to feel quite sick if I am faced with masses and masses of different coloured bottles, all different shapes and sizes,  my daughter’s bathroom shelves and window sills and dressing tables are just all piled high with conglomerate, do you know I think this word in this context could be an oxymoron or maybe I am just having a litotes moment? I am still waiting for a beauty product to be called obfuscation? or how about a palimpsest, layer upon layer upon layer upon…….

Sorry, I am waxing lyrical now, and must get back to the saturday papers, before I buy the sunday paper! Ruth always says I should re read everything through a few times and check my spellings? Oh yeah?

Sorry NO VISUALS, however when we are reading books and newspapers we don’t expect pictures now do we? We are ‘tickling’ those thinking brain cells with words and using our imagination?


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  1. I enjoy your posts. You remind me of myself. If the aroma of something is not pleasing to me, I can’t use it (doctor prescriptions excepted). I still have a jar of Ponds and use it occasionally just for the memories, of course, it also works. Thanks for your efforts to entertain and educate us in internet land.

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