Peace at Last! No face creams, no wrinkles; inner peace?

I have taught yoga now for thirty eight years. One lady has been coming to my class for thirty years! I have just retired and am releasing my students to ‘pastures new’ I was pleasantly surprised by thankyou cards, flowers and chocs, and a generous gift of garden vouchers; I decided that I would search for buddha and I found him, and here he is, my siamese buddha. I had to search through cats, dogs, frogs, boots, nubile young ladies, greek heads, mermaids, lions and some ‘karma sutra’ type, lounging ladies, with large breasts and bottoms and a plethora of those ‘happy’ fat tummy buddhas and some ‘grim-faced’ buddhas BUT here he is settled in the garden, my Mr Bliss. My Siam Buddha bringing peace and just enough room on the grass to do my yoga. What more could a gal want?¬†

My Siam Buddha


  1. I saw your video with your daughter where you mentioned yoga Nidra. I went and bought the cd and I haven’t looked back since. It has majorly helped my anxiety and panic attacks. I feel so at peace and my mind is so calm with yoga nidra. Thank you for the recommendation as it has helped me so much.

    1. I am so very pleased it has been useful. I love the side with the chakras on. My sister-in-law who sent me a tape FORTY odd years ago knows all the words off by heart!

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