Debussy and Bill Withers!

I love playing my piano which came from a church in Bromsgrove and, its claim to fame is, that Sarah Brightman played it! We had to take the front door off when we moved; it is a huge walnut BRUTE and did have massive iron stabilisers on the back. It is so very heavy that the castors leave impressions on our wooden floor and moving it to sand the floorboards left an impression on my hubby’s back! Lovely inlaid daffodil spray on the front but really good sound and action. I love playing the piano as one of those strategies for ‘losing myself’ and I have nothing at all in my head but my music; nothing else gets in at all. Wonderful!

One of my daughters left me a challenge and printed me off the music for Debussy’s “Au Clair de la lune”, having been inspired by a Google ‘Debussy-Day’ animation last year. I have been trying really hard to ‘de-code’ it and it is quite a challenge and the timing is everything. We watched a programme on Bill Withers ( musician who wrote and sang “If you need a friend, Lean on Me” and many others ) and same daughter texted me a few of his wise words: “It’s okay to head out for wonderful, but on the way to wonderful, you have to pass through alright, and when you get to alright, take a good look around you, because it might be as far as you go.” I am still trying to get to alright!



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