My thin husband snuggler!

Best buy for this year apart from Mr Bliss is THE J-PILLOW £13.99 from Amazon. It has changed my life in bed! I have read the reviews but there isn’t one that has remarked on its bedside assets! I wonder why; I just think they haven’t thought of it as a bedfellow snuggler! Ha Ha! J-Pillow

My husband is almost 2D. He is six foot of bony shoulders and ribs that stick out; I almost dis-locate my jaw and garrotte myself trying to snuggle up after breakfast in bed ! Until…………..Yes ……….The J-Pillow! Works wonders! I got mine from Amazon and here is the link. Nobody mentioned this in their reviews! Sad really that we are losing the elan and excitement of innovation and ingenuity! Throw out the manuals! / Sorry my posts are spasmodic but I have a very busy interesting life. On a more serious note, I do use this pillow when reading in bed, as you can read on your side. I have an older Kindle, with a book cover and little lamp, so I can get right down in the bed, so as not to get cold and waken hubby up. I also took this on my flights this year and it was brilliant! Oooooh just thought of something else to post but gotta go as lovely hubby has made me some coffee and the sun has come out!  Have a wonderful new life! Buy one! Toodlepip Chrisxxxxxxxxx


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  1. Thank you for the review, Chris! I would’ve passed that pillow by if you not let its usefulness be know! I thought I had lost your e-world address, which saddened me. Then, was so happy when I got an e-mail that you had posted. Happy Christmas to you and yours 🙂

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