Holt Farm ( Frome) was a PERFECT stay!

This post is a follow-on from the one on my daughter’s website, A Model Recommends. We held a lovely family get-together at one of the Perfect Stays self-catering properties and Ruth asked me to give my feedback. Apparently I wrote to much to include it in the main post! You can read the main review by clicking here, but it doesn’t have a snazzy photo gallery like the one I’ve made below. I think I need to give my daughter some computer lessons!

Heating and Cooking
Okay I really liked the fact that both houses were so very warm! The Barn especially, with its underfloor heating, which was run from pipes in the next field! I really loved how well stocked the kitchens were so you didn’t have to wait for the dishwasher if you were feeding a crowd. I liked the Aga in the farmhouse which cooked the turkey to perfection and kept one of the living rooms and kitchen lovely and warm nad there was a choice of cooker if you didn’t fancy using the Aga.There was even a book shelf with LOTS of well known cook books! Lots of table cloths and place mats and napkins and also table tea lights in the farm house which were really useful for our family celebration.

LIving rooms and bedrooms Interior design, decor was very sophisticated High spec on everything from glasses to bathroom soaps! Beautifully put together. Straight out of Period Homes Magazine and the Barn was definitely Grand Designs

The Barn had a good mix of children’s bedrooms and bathrooms plus ensuites and I thought it was very clever to have a double bedroom, ensuite and spare toilet at the other end of the Barn with the HUGE living dining cooking area in the centre;it just meant that you could actually allocate ‘the west wing’ to a couple, who perhaps didn’t have children, and didn’t want to hear them through the night, and also beside the entrance so they could come home late and not waken anyone up? The central area was quite cavernous and, actually with six adults and two children, there would still be masses of space!

The Farm house had three separate living rooms (one was a large snug) and at different ends of the house you could actually have quieter rooms for grandparents? The layout of the bedrooms was equally as good as the Barn, with two doubles and ensuites and bathroom one side of the house, and then single bedroom and two doubles on the other side, with ensuites and bathroom. Lots of different types of beds, really good mattresses. I will ALWAYS be using PERFECTSTAYS from now on when I think what I have had to sleep on, and in, with some companies, actually it drove me to expensive hotels. The downside of hotels is that there is no meeting place apart from the Lounge where you are then surrounded with other people. You are also stuck with the breakfast times and again you are sharing the breakfast room with other people in the hotel.

The Games room is a really wonderful idea and had table tennis, billiards and subbuteo. Massive room with a sofa! Very safe for the children or adults. We did have the whole site to ourselves so I am not sure how the Games room would work when all three accommodations were full. A rota system perhaps? There is also a superb slide, tunnel and swings with climbing frame, in a very safe area, and a plethora of different outside patios and seating areas, actually one bedroom had its very own patio and chairs and table. Outside barbecue areas, a garden, full of herbs and vegetables. (I actually used some of the spring onions and the Thyme and Rosemary) There are footpath walks also but it was a bit wet when we stayed. Lots to do around, Stourhead farm shop delivered a huge hamper of their produce and as it is a National Trust property nearby, then good for a visit, is Wells Cathedral, which is really beautiful, and Bradford on Avon is a lovely town as is Frome.

Quite honestly, we didn’t ever leave the site as there was so much to do; ducks, sheep and cows to look at and meals to cook, plenty of gardens to sit in and patio areas. Location is everything (well actually not everything, as I have stayed in lovely locations, in complete dumps!) and this was just so idyllic and nothing for miles. Actually if you land there after dark, it is very difficult to see the sign Holt Farm and I had to go down the lane in the pitch dark with the plangent sound of a buzzard, and the distinctive hoot of an owl, conquer mud in my suede boots, climb a hedge, and try to attach a birthday banner to a sign post (thinking it might shine in car headlights!  Loved it! Do follow your Satnav and remember that you can’t use your phone to give directions to others, as there is no reception even down the lane – well for my server anyway! There were others who were looking for a different farm to participate in a meeting, and they were completely lost, clutching a Google map, and called in on us during the day and also we had a delivery of a chinese take-away at 10pm one evening from another lost soul!

They also have weddings there. We invited a nephew, who lives in Frome, to check it out, as there is enough room for several parties of different relatives. You have to be very forward thinking actually, as it is very popular and has a lovely big wedding-feast barn, with walls festooned with antlered- stags and an idyllic church up the road ! You know I really reckon that visit prompted him to put an engagement ring in his girl-friend’s stocking on Christmas Day! Aaaaah, there is romance out there!

I just can’t re-iterate enough how ideal it was for our family gathering and how it catered for all our needs. A BRILLIANT thing to go on is the Perfect Stays website as not only do they take you around the rooms BUT they have floor plans for each house and you can then allocate different rooms and areas to different members of the family BEFORE you get there. Very useful and stops squabbling if the oldest member of the party does that perhaps? Also we worked out that it is very cost effective to have a larger, super- luxurious house, and split the costs, than go for smaller self-catering accommodations. All good!




  1. Lovely blog! I live in somerset and I do love the fact that it is so quiet and peaceful! It sounds like you all had a lovely time. Next family holiday,I will check out the options from PERFECTSTAY!
    Cathy x
    p.s please do pass on my congratulations to Ruth on her pregnancy-I am so happy for her!

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