Mr Bear on his Holidays!

Yes, Mr Bear has landed; he came with a very large suitcase of playthings, squeaky toys, feathers on sticks, a tube and his little friend, the monkey. He settled very quickly. He has been banned from the living room, as he scratched my brand new leather chair, and tried to eat the persian carpets!

However he has had a tree house delivered and absolutely loves it. My hubby has left it in the dining room, as he feels it is too cold for him here in the studio. Oh yeah! I can hear him chatting away to him when I come into the room. I think he is actually getting more attention than me. There was a tricky moment, when we thought perhaps he was too fat to get through one of the holes, but no all good!

I have had several friends to lunch over the past weeks and as soon as they are chatting to me, Mr B starts to ‘play up’ He becomes really naughty, jumping up on the table and trying to get between my friends and I, for some attention.

I have had to move all my plants as he tries to eat them!



  1. Dear Ruth’s Mum: Thank you for giving Bear sanctuary when no one else could, and thank you, too, for this pictorial. I’m sure seeing Bear ruling the roost (as is his destiny, let’s be honest) has proved both reassuring and comforting for Ruth and Mr. AMR. I once had to be separated from my cats for five months and it was hell. I never fully realized what faithful, entertaining and sensitive companions they’d become, until, of course, I was deprived of that companionship. My work day felt incomplete without them hopping onto my desk, hijacking my keyboard, batting all my pens off the desk, gnawing on the phone cord or fanging manuscript pages. One cat coming to rest on my shoulder while the other burrowed into my lap as I edited. Or, best of all, the two of them head-butting me in an impromptu declaration of love. Once we reunited, I don’t think I took even one meow for granted for the rest of their lives. I’ve never met Ruth, but I feel I know her a bit as I’ve been following her blog for years. And it makes me happy that, in spite of the chaos dominating her life right now, she can rest easy knowing Mr. Bear is being treated like, well, family…because he is family. Thanks again for your kindness, and congratulations on your impending grandmotherhood times two.

    1. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm I am now purring but it is almost a year!!!! I do sometimes think Mr B will be waiting for me when I go in. I am always pleased he isn’t as it is usually when we have been on a holiday!!!!

  2. LOVE Mr Bear! He seems very happy and comfortable at his holiday house! I’m so pleased you’ve shared these photos – thanks Ruth!
    My kitty’s name is Mr Chicken!

  3. Oh Mr Bear, I think I love you. My name is Lulu, and I am a 2 yr old black moggy with Burmese blood. I would love for you to stay here with my mummy. You may stay with your mummy, daddy, and half brother Dexter, as long as your mummy brings her entire stash of makeup and skin care and leaves it here! Ever yours, Lulu

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