Tregoose and Granny’s Cove!!!!!!

Thankyou ‘Perfect Stays’ ; you have fulfilled my dreams and those of lots of parents and grandparents who, every year look for that dream, large family base, or friends and families reunion base, in a beautiful part of Cornwall. A plethora of amazing gourmet restaurants, long walks on the sea-shore, swimming, surfing, sand-castle building, ice-creams and cornish-pasties and visits to historic houses and castles, and St Ives Tate and Barbara Hepworth’s studio. Something for everyone!!!

‘ Tregoose’ in Polzeath, Cornwall, is a spacious, modern, well-situated, well-equipped, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, holiday home.

Why didn’t you exist when I was trekking through all those brochures? Travel agencies were the only people with computers to search out holidays, when I had three small children, looking for a base? How many grungy, aesthetically- distasteful, inadequately-equipped cottages and gites I have stayed in over all those years, cramped into beds with plastic mattress covers, and suffering the ‘ironing-board’ sleep, where your arms hang loose, and there is no ‘turning’, or the pull down sofa beds with the ‘tired’ foam mattresses, moulded to umpteen different bodies and those plastic shower curtains that cling to your behind and you have to try to turn in a 500mm square and find room for your elbows to reach the armpits!!!!

This was a super family home and large enough for a ‘whole families’ base. If only I had had this when my children were younger; I could have walked them down the road in their wet-suits, left them at the ‘surfing-school’, five minutes away, whilst I walked the dog over the cliffs for an hour, collecting kids on the way back, and walking them up the hill, hosing dog and children and adults down,(a shower and board stack is outside the house) and voila, into the shower room by the side entrance, to hang up wet-suits on the drying rack and have hot showers!!!!

All good! Tregoose has thought of everything, as there are even ‘doggy’ towels and TREATS in a doggy-bone tin in the wet-suit shower-room, which incidentally is huge, and could accommodate a whole family of surfers!!

DSC_0668 DSC_0669

Wish Dexter could read !
Wish Dexter could read !

DSC_0627 DSC_0633

I wish I had taken my wet-suit and board!!!

The games room or ‘snug’ was really brilliant and all tastes had been catered for, with some good old-fashioned board games, as well as play-stations, and really comfy huge bean bags and soft, cosy sofas, a Granny’s dream if you are catering for grandchildren and want to keep them all quiet, and the husbands, whilst you make lunch!

Child-proof area for bouncing!!

I have LOADS of photographs of the patios and lawn areas and decking pathways surrounding the back of the house, mainly because they were just so child-safety minded AND adult quiet-time minded, arranged with a ‘gin-hour’ sun-house, overlooking the whole of the house at the back, also equipped with plenty of garden chairs and tables.

The main family patio had two barbecues and plenty of tables and chairs and still space for children to play. Sunshine at all times of the day!!! The grassed area was above the main back patio but had a glass partition, so you could sit and sip your wine, and watch the children playing ball. Beautifully orchestrated, Perfect Stays, well done, and fabulous decking pathways to and from different areas.





    1. Absolutely a dream space and a dream kitchen with a heart-shaped cake tin (always wanted one) Room to spread out if it’s the meeting of the ‘families’ instead of falling over each other in the ‘mothership’ Hahaha

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