What’s in a name????? Blogger or Vlogger?????

I apologise to those people who can’t see the point in writing a blog, as I have no reasons at all for writing one, and it takes me at least TWO HOURS to write but it is saving me, at the moment, from helping my lovely hubby paint the workroom.

I personally don’t like the collective name BLOGGER or VLOGGER as it seems to obfuscate any relevance to what we do? Well I don’t really know what we do? Jogger? Same family? Ogging? Entamologically speaking, it sounds better than Blurting? Don’t know don’t care haven’t time.

I am writing in full praise of those lonely, hard-working, skilful people who sit all day on their computers, surfing the internet, voraciously testing out products until they are left with shelves and shelves of half-tried cosmetics, visiting spa centres,(sometimes when it is the last thing they want to do) and then writing it all up in an interesting, amusing and discerning way, so that you can make the right decision when parting with your money.

Don’t you always read all the blurb on products and then rather than popping it into your shopping basket, read all the reviews? I was quite incensed, reading in the newspaper that a blogger had been ostracised for expecting a free stay in a hotel, in exchange for publicity on her blog??? It takes a long long time to do a review!!!! I have stayed in so, so many hotels which have been appalling and costly (and I always read TripAdvisor reviews) I used to only ever choose Johansen recommended when I was working, and then Mr and Mrs Smith. It’s so very disappointing to reach your destination and find yourself cooped up in a hen-house, where you can hear through the floorboards, the bathroom facilities are less than clean!!! How much do you suppose Alexi Polezzi is paid for her programme on ‘hotel-dissing’, name and shame strategies, are thankfully on the increase in many fields!!!

I used to think that ‘blogging’ was for those people who had time to ‘bang on about themselves’ and when I first started ‘mymumsays’, I made the mistake of telling one of my sisters, who said “Oh my goodness, Chris, I couldn’t do that, because you tell everyone about yourself”. Perhaps ‘Bloggers’, then, are altruistic and trustworthy in their appraisals??? I think it is rather nice to share style, culture, ideas and opinions, whilst holding onto the compassion and empathy in the knowledge, that, as a people, we are all very different. It is very difficult sometimes to be non-judgemental, when faced with procrustean, bigoted members of the public and to be discerning in one’s writing. Perhaps that is what is desperately lacking in Trump’s Twitters?

I feel we are becoming more gender- fluid, but after reading yesterday, about the 12,000 year old Cheddar corpse, and DNA testing shows that he had black curly hair, blue eyes and black to dark skin pigmentation, WELCOME to ORIGIN- fluid!!! Wahay!!!

There are many many ‘Bloggers’ who blog, to have conversations with like minded-people about politics, music, art, cooking, sky-diving; those people whose blogs are part of the advertising, commercial world, have to have a pay-off, IT IS THEIR JOB. My lovely daughter-in-law has a blog on interior design, as an interest, because she works in interior design, and she puts together a wonderful webpage, but it isn’t to appraise design products, it’s to project her classy style.

I think it is brilliant that people want to share themselves and their time with us all.

I am quoting this from a book I just read, it went a bit like this:” we all mis-hear, mis-see and mis-understand, in order to make the stories we tell ourselves true” If you are thinking for yourself, surely we all have to be discerning? Don’t we all question people’s beliefs? Aaaah no!!!! Unfortunately there are those  who have the ‘mass-mind’, ‘the people’s mind’ “the jelly-fish colony mind” and look where that gets us? We also have those who believe in ‘Fake-News’? Does anyone out there remember their parents saying, “Don’t believe in everything you read in the paper”. Mmmmmm.  Just been to see Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep in ‘The Post’. Wahay!!!! The Pentagon Papers!!!! Omg what a nasty world we live in but isn’t it great that we have all these different forms of media to name and shame? If those people with the’ taste the difference’ turkeys from Tesco that were off, hadn’t gone onto Twitter???? Anyway……..

Toodlepip for now!!!! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm now if I had a dog to walk I wouldn’t have the time so all you followers thank goodness I haven’t one!!!! I looked at my Twitter account the other day and said to hubby, Gerard I have over six million followers!!!! He said Chris don’t be daft that is how many Twitter has!!!!

Wish Dexter could read !





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