Here I am! I used to think I was quite a complex creature with a largish brain and a competitive intellect, slightly circum-loquacious after a few glasses of wine, enthusiastic, creatively innovative and only slightly off the beaten track!

Dearie me, looking back, I actually sat my GCSEs a year early so I could take more A levels! Little did they know I would discover boys; I was a real Eve and they were the apple I shouldn’t have bitten!

Well, I just never ever thought I would reach 60 and now I am here, I had thought I would be much wiser!

I am still left with that feeling ‘ So much to know and not enough time to know it in, so much to do and not enough time to do it in, so much to read and etc etc’ It’s Life’s journey and I am going to enjoy the path and hope it’s a bit longer because if you reach the end that’s it; I am still learning and still very excited about new experiences and ‘buzzing’ with ideas and projects and soooo loving all the things I have time to do!!

I have just retired after 20 years of teaching 7 to 13 year olds and I am euphoric! So much time to garden, paint, play the piano and write to you! Funnily, I used to drive to school playing Likki Li or Santana or Little Dragon, full blast, to hype me up to cope with the day. If my husband used my car he used to jump at the volume! I’ve turned the volume down and cruise along at the correct speed now (new year resolution, along with not swearing at creative drivers!) singing along, and I must say, I appreciate music much more. I am having a brilliant time but have decided not to venture out too much to garden centres during the week; shock horrors watching the ‘long-retired’ trying to make ‘the where to actually park’ decision or ‘shall I let this person, three along, have my space’  WOW!! I am going to lie low for a while and discover who I am and the meaning of Life! Ho Ho Ho!

I am still vain and like to look good! I am still trying out new clothes, shoes, make-up etc. Even more so, as I am trying to re-invent myself in my new era and I am not ready yet, to go down’ the turquoise anorack and sensible shoes’ track! Still trying to be elegant and tastefully mature and waiting for the Sales! I once went to our local shoe shop sale and couldn’t decide, so took all 7 pairs of shoes, and the boxes! I love the boxes and the tissue paper and unwrapping them and always keep shoes in the original box !!!

I am going to stop meandering on and just hope that you will keep checking out my web site as I have a long list of product reviews and ideas and so much to write about that I could write every day! However, unlike Ruth, I have no self -discipline, so it will be once a week!. My eldest sister ( there are six of us) has written a diary every day of her life, this year she is 75!  I used to write a diary when I was little, but was so wicked, I had to burn them, and anyway it’s only interesting writing a diary when you have been outrageous and need to tell a page rather than a person! Years later, it’s hard to read words and actually believe that you were that person! Interesting though! It’s a bit of a cathartic exercise perhaps that should never be re-read? I am all for burning and moving on! The memories can be much more colourful and imaginative!



  1. It didn’t occur to me that you were that wicked when you were little but there again, I would imagine one would keep the wicked bits to oneself!

  2. I want to be like you when I hit 60, you sound aces.
    But I’ve kept a page a day diary since I was 13 and they all contain death threats and disclaimers in them on the opening page to peeps considering snooping. Those bad boys are coming with me when I meet my maker in the sky! x x

  3. What is it about those brightly-coloured rainjackets that fills me with fear?! having passed the hump of 50 not long ago, I’m definitely being seduced by comfort over style as far as shoes are concerned. There’s a huge gap in the market there, for the maker who can combine both successfully.

    1. Mmmmmmm, I know exactly what you mean about brightly coloured clothes now I am past 60 ! Leave them for those jolly YUMMYMUMS or happy primary school teachers (maybe the latter is where I caught it from!) However do we really want to be SOMBRE in our middle age ( my husband corrected me the other day from saying I was middle aged to “No, Chris, you are old aged!”…….. He is still living!) Shoes? I have handbag shoes, half hour shoes, one hour shoes AND I have very comfy all day shoes, wide fitting to caress my bunion! BUT I do think FITFLOPS are so very good BUT they mostly do NOT look elegant and their range of neat ladies shoes are actually too narrow for my pet, the bunion! Can’t win!

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