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SOS Save Our Skins

24 Jul

I have been meaning to do this post for ages , actually since March! Oops!

I have just retuned from a trip to Lisbon and Porto, and have been inspired to start work again in my studio, which now houses a large cat tree/sleeping pole for Mr B and his ‘poo-pan’, Dexter’s bed and both their toy boxes and food stores and our computers!

The dining room has a bouncy chair, a pram and carrycot and various, strange- coloured ‘waist-cushions’, which would be great as hats, but Ruth assures me they are indispensable for breast feeding and seems to walk about in them all day! (Mr B has ruined our dining room chairs with scratching, and I have tried to rescue some, by stacking them in a corner with sheets over them!)

My easel is crammed into the box room along with my sewing machine and drawing board, a desk and paperstore (oh dear Dex has just found a roll of plastic bags and won’t spit them out) and my book shelves, as I can’t get them into the guest room, as baby’s cot is in there, along with a stack, ceiling- high, of breast pads, nappies, baby-gros and paraphenalia!

P1140374 P1140373 P1140372 P1140371

Dex and Mr B have been re-united and are like long-lost friends chasing each other, with Mr B hiding under my dining room chairs, miaouwing, and then, when Dex draws near, batting him with his paw.

I can’t believe, amidst all this, that baby just sleeps and coos, and doesn’t awaken, when Dex decides to bark at my lovely hubby, doing his after-holiday, hedge-cutting tasks! I can’t believe that my daughter and husband and their ‘menagerie’, who we have helped to move about FIVE times, to different holiday-homes (Ours is the last!) ARE SO VERY RELAXED and we are still discussing books we have read, and places we have visited and of course the difference between different nappies, and reminiscing over ‘when- they- were- all- little’ stories. All this, amidst wardrobe-planning, kitchen-purchases, visits to stores, negotiating with builders and dealing with all those roller-coaster moments, prevalent in having house alterations and extensions built, like TIME-DELAYS. The photo albums have been scattered over the table, whilst we decide who looks like whom, and we have had an absolutely wonderful opportunity, once again, to be grand-parents! (we have a twenty-month old grand daughter who is scrumptious, and we were very lucky to be part of her special, new-born baby stage as well) All so very fulfilling!

I am having a lovely little spell taking on the ‘mother-role’ and climbing aboard the ‘mothership’ for a while, but, I am actually going to have to lock myself away in my box room today and get started, as once the creative ideas are flowing, I need to get back to myself (which is sometimes just an hour or so at the bottom of the garden doing my yoga, raining today, so no space in house, will have to be ‘a-pause-in-time’ next to the airing cupboard, I think. Mmmm dog asleep and cat on his pole asleep so might just have to be here and now!)

IMG_7161 IMG_7163

Right, okay that was good! Wanted to tell you about DOUBLE SERUM by Clarins. I absolutely love it and I have tried other serums over my years, and this, for my skin is THE VERY BEST and I am just about to order some, as it was still quite expensive at the airport, and I ran out ages ago.

I have been using some ‘oils’ actually during these ‘gardening-months’ as my skin gets really dry in the sun. I have been using L’Occitane oil capsules and they have been brilliant for putting back some nourishment. The only thing is that these ‘oil preparations’ are a little too greasy, and I find my hair and pillow gets so oily, so I have been using half a capsule, and in the morning, on hot days only, after cleansing and wiping off any residue. The capsules all have different blends in to do different things , which I found quite a palaver. They were marked with week one to week four BUT because there was too much in each capsule, mine have lasted for weeks and weeks longer, which is a good thing, as they are really expensive. I find the oil gets around my eye area and onto my glasses and into my contact lenses so I have been using them just as a sort of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour rescue care! I find some of the L’Occitaine mechanisms, for instance, their body oils, which have a pump action, are just awful, and you spend ages trying to get the hole in the right direction and then the oil won’t come out. I still recommend my good old almond oil under the counter at pharmacy counters and I still use witch hazel, as a skin toner, and for bruises.

I can remember using capsules years ago by Elizabeth Arden, they were pink and had just the right amount. I have now noticed Elemis doing the similar capsules; getting the correct type of container is really important for oils, especially when we are travelling. Some companies use a bottle and dropper system. I am sure Lancome comes to mind from years ago, and their serum in a dark brown bottle with a dropper system BUT I have to say I am so LOVING Clarins double serum which is a pump action in a light enough bottle for me to take on my hols.

SOS used to be Save Our Sums when I taught Maths! Toodlepip! got loads of photos from Lisbon to print out, a gorgeous new baby to coo over, a dog and a cat to amuse, a lasagne to make and my box room awaits. Actually, I had a studio in Birmingham, which was only five feet square and I was making wall-hangings for hotels, which were 9 feet by six feet, so can’t see why I am having a whinge!





Why I am wearing a sanitary pad on my chin!

23 Dec

Happy Christmas All and Everyone out there!

P1110937I hope you appreciate this photograph, taken in secret by myself in the bathroom!
Ruth asked me, a month or two ago, if I would try out the ELEMIS pro-intense lift effect super system and write about it!  Mmmmmm why Lift-EFFECT, why not LIFT-SERUM ? Anyway…………..
Simple, you may think! The daily and nightly ‘applications’ of pro-intense lift EFFECT super serum come in tiny plastic bottles, with a breakable seal ( incidentally, all these face OILS, which are ‘oh- so- very- popular’ now, were DISCOVERED by Elizabeth Arden and came in little pink plastic capsules with a ‘break off ‘ nozzle/nipple, at least THIRTY years ago! THEY are all doing them now, more or less sophisticated ‘vials’ but ‘same thing’ runny oil or combination of honey-like mixture and oil, as is the Elemis one!)
The Pro-intense eye and lip contour cream is fine, as is the Lift-effect night cream, all in usable, slightly too small quantities for the thirty day trial, but easy dispensers and tubes, especially for the amount of travelling and visiting, I have been up to in the last few months! All are presented in a box with the instructions on how to use each product printed step by step on the lid, and very easy to read and understand, with diagrams, which was of tremendous benefit when trying to work out Step 6
  Step 6………..THE WEEKLY JOWL AND CHIN MASK.. What, place the loops from the chin mask over my ears, tricky with my size of ears! okay, place over the serum, okay LEAVE ON FOR TWENTY minutes, NO CHANCE, I am in the bathroom, lovely hubby is downstairs, writing his shopping list. ………. SO ……. I HAD TO WAIT FOR MY HUSBAND TO LEAVE THE HOUSE FOR HIS TRIP TO ALDI………. Mmmm very difficult shouting goodbye and asking for butter and earl grey, with this on my chin!
I am really sorry but I can NOT hang around for twenty minutes with a sanitary pad on my chin and the loops around my EARS waiting for the car to return! I was in so much laughter behind the bathroom door, I could hardly keep a straight face to take this photo and THEN I couldn’t find my specs to see the camera buttons! WHAT A HOOT! ARE YOU ALL OUT THERE WEARING SANITARY PADS AROUND YOUR CHINS FOR TWENTY MINUTES, hiding from your family!
VERDICT: Really good products, I just love the ‘oil mix’ in the vials AND the eye and lip cream is lovely but I NEVER use night cream as I like my skin to BREATHE at some point through the 24 hrs and, in fact I use Elemis night cream , of which I have a BIG JAR for my DAY CREAM because I have run out of it! I love the smell of Elemis and it never gives you that ‘iced-bun’ shiny, greasy look.
I really did think that the ‘jowl mask’ worked wonders but not too sure WHY unless it is impregnated with some sort of ‘egg white’ or ‘rabbit-size’ ? I apologise but I am, by nature extremely suspicious and I do, from time to time investigate EVERY ingredient in products!
The whole marketing ploy of the BOX and all the vials and PROCEDURES and different STEPS that you had to read and follow, I thought was rather OTT but I suppose if you are paying A LOT and it is instead of BOTOX maybe it has to look EXPENSIVE ?
I have been using Elemis face masks for a while and really like them, they remind me of the ones in sachets from the 1960s/70s, which I used to buy in my teenage years! I am now reminded of those teenage years, coating my hair in a mud mixture, made from dried cammomile flowers, and sitting in the bathroom, with the green ooze running all over my shoulders and towel; I think you had to leave it on for TWENTY minutes too, maybe that’s part of the ‘humiliation technique’ ?
Think of all those ladies you pass in the hairdressers sitting covered in pieces of foil and then hairnets etc ! Oh WOMAN thy name is VANITY ! Peut-etre?
I can remember my sisters with ROLLERS in, covered with a HEADSQUARE and white faces, covered in NIVEA night cream! In fact, I had a bit of a shock the other day when visiting my eldest sister of 77 years old, as she was STILL wearing the’ roller-headsquare’ look, AND HAD BEEN TO BED LIKE THAT! I just couldn’t do that to my husband! ( I do lean against the bathroom door, as we don’t have a lock, if wearing my Elemis face mask OR if using VEET-O under my arms )
Toodle-pip and I hope you are all ready for Christmas?  I never know what that means do you? Used think it was the bloke in the red coat? Merry Christmas. have fun! xx Chris