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What is better than Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion?

27 May

The answer is : Clarins Renew- Plus Body Serum.

I have an awful lot of years now, under my belt, with beauty products, and have seen a lot of brands come and go, and some changing their names and product ingredients, so I have decided to do a write up on one of my old favourites: Clarins

  • I like their clear, ‘no fuss’, easily- recognisable packaging and their clear red typeface on a white background, in a font size that I can read, sometimes without my specs, which is very useful, if one is in the shower. I can even read the small text on the back of packages and on the leaflets with my specs on, which is a great bonus, nowadays.(I always feel I ought to be able to sue some pharmaceutical brands for discrimination against the aged)
  • I have used Clarins Moisture-Rich Body lotion, with shea butter for dry skin for a number of years as I really like the smell and it absorbs quite quickly and my skin feels smooth. Olfactory senses for me is a huge selling point, having been subjected to everyone I pass lately, smelling like either a coconut or fig pudding!!! What’s going on???? Or a lime or mandarin jelly???? ( I must say though that I absolutely HATE the ‘uplifting-perfume’ splash-it-on stuff in the red bottle that Clarins do as it reminds me of those air freshener things that affect my sinuses. My list of  olfactory aversions is ever-increasing: Zoflora disinfectant, which reminds me of care-homes, Glade carpet vacuum powder, why would you want to sprinkle that all over your carpets, those wall air-freshener things that people put everywhere, even in their wardrobes, room-sprays, some candles, some flowery perfumes that are pretending to smell of roses. Sorry, I have got a bit grumpy, but bring back the good old joss-sticks and the real potpourri, not those lurid- colour-coded bits of sprayed- wood- shrapnel!!!!
  • Okay, sorry, I quite like Clarins french text, as it helps me to keep up with my french and I love everything french, and didn’t vote for Brexit, and would probably now go and live in France, as I really like the look of Macron, but now my pension wouldn’t match their euros, so I am scuppered!
  • Renew-Plus Body serum is even better than the body lotion, as it is a dream to massage in, and seems to take longer to absorb, so you can smooth it in. I feel it is sort of between an oil and a lotion???? Thank you Clarins. It is also AGE-DEFYING concentrate and I think this makes all the difference, as opposed to the moisture-rich lotion for dry skin. My skin is now aged, dry skin and if you push your finger along my forearm, it wrinkles like jam, when you are doing that saucer-test, haven’t made jam? Don’t ever make damson jam; my lovely hubby used to go for cover, as I swore at the hot spitting cauldron, bubbling away, and the hours trying to pick out all the stones, so that people didn’t break their teeth on their jam-butties.
  • I am finishing now as my coffee has appeared and I am going to smell my real roses in the garden but I will be back with the Clarins Relax body treatment and L’Occitane body oil in comparison to my forty year old home-made version!! Bet you can’t wait! Ruth always tells me off for anecdotes, capital letters and exclamation marks so hopefully she will be so busy she won’t notice a little blog going astray, she has her standards to keep up you know!!!!!!!!! Also I don’t use my Twitter account very much now as I am really extremely politically insensitive when I get going, especially after a coffee and so perhaps I will slip by unnoticed, without getting her to edit out anything!!!!!!!!!!!! Here goes!!!!!!!!!



Spider eyes!

3 Feb

When I once asked my lovely husband if I looked a bit middle-aged, he said ” No, Chris, you aren’t middle-aged, you are old-aged!”  Afterwards! …….. in fact quite a while afterwards, I thought yes, you are correct, I am, although my brother-in-law’s Mum is celebrating her 105th birthday this week, I would have to last to 120, to be middle-aged now!

Ah well, he is on the pinnacle of an intellectual mountain, I can’t expect him to slide down just to deal with ‘female vulnerabilities’ and it’s only since I have had a bit more time on my hands, that ‘my appearance’ has climbed the ‘things to tackle’ list! B C and B J, I maybe looked in a mirror once or twice a week and DEFINITELY no time for make up!

I went to a surprise sixtieth birthday party last weekendish. Surpise? Oh really? If that was a surprise, then, why was my friend wearing a little lacey black number, suede boots and ‘made-up-to-the-nines’, (what is this saying? what are the nines?)

Which brings me to ‘The use of mascara when you are old-aged’ Why do some older, black-eyed beauties have to wear those claggy- squashed- spider-lashes? Their lashes absolutely caked and thickened and lengthened, emphasising the outline of the eye with black eye-liner? Their faces thickly covered in ‘tanned’ face make-up, foundation, with the ubiquitous pink powdering on the cheekbones and then the bright lips.

Since the party, I have been experimenting! I have now thrown out all those lash-lengtheners, where you have to have a little comb to get rid of all the blobs of mascara or try to pick all the bits off or,even if you fold up the piece of tissue under your bottom lashes, you end up with big blobs on your under-eye wrinkles !

You probably know this and have been using it for eons, BUT, I have JUST discovered Clinique’s ‘bottom lash long-wearing formula mascara’, which has a tiny brush, just right for bottom lashes AND their ‘ high impact dramatic lashes on-contact mascara impact optimal’ is so very light to apply. I do find it VERY confusing when buying mascaras now as they all portend to do something different and I don’t know what all the different things are anymore! Optimal, high-impact, on-contact! What does it mean!

We used to have a little cake of black mascara in a compact with a brush, like a tiny ‘handbrush’ and you wet the black cake with water, or spit, and rubbed the brush over it, until you got a creamy coating on the brush, then you applied it! It wasn’t waterproof and my Mum used to complain that she couldn’t get it out of the towels, on wash-day!

I can remember a friend’s Dad, when I was twelve, or thirteen, telling me to “wash that ‘muck’ off my face, as I looked like I had been down a coal mine!”

I am finding I use more eye make up with my specs on, but actually getting it on, when I can’t see, is a real challenge! I used to be okay with contact lenses but at the moment, I am not wearing them very often as I appear to be going through a ‘dry-eye’ stage in my old-age!

Photo on 2014-01-29 at 11.14 #4

Anyway, here are the mascara-eyes!

Why I am wearing a sanitary pad on my chin!

23 Dec

Happy Christmas All and Everyone out there!

P1110937I hope you appreciate this photograph, taken in secret by myself in the bathroom!
Ruth asked me, a month or two ago, if I would try out the ELEMIS pro-intense lift effect super system and write about it!  Mmmmmm why Lift-EFFECT, why not LIFT-SERUM ? Anyway…………..
Simple, you may think! The daily and nightly ‘applications’ of pro-intense lift EFFECT super serum come in tiny plastic bottles, with a breakable seal ( incidentally, all these face OILS, which are ‘oh- so- very- popular’ now, were DISCOVERED by Elizabeth Arden and came in little pink plastic capsules with a ‘break off ‘ nozzle/nipple, at least THIRTY years ago! THEY are all doing them now, more or less sophisticated ‘vials’ but ‘same thing’ runny oil or combination of honey-like mixture and oil, as is the Elemis one!)
The Pro-intense eye and lip contour cream is fine, as is the Lift-effect night cream, all in usable, slightly too small quantities for the thirty day trial, but easy dispensers and tubes, especially for the amount of travelling and visiting, I have been up to in the last few months! All are presented in a box with the instructions on how to use each product printed step by step on the lid, and very easy to read and understand, with diagrams, which was of tremendous benefit when trying to work out Step 6
  Step 6………..THE WEEKLY JOWL AND CHIN MASK.. What, place the loops from the chin mask over my ears, tricky with my size of ears! okay, place over the serum, okay LEAVE ON FOR TWENTY minutes, NO CHANCE, I am in the bathroom, lovely hubby is downstairs, writing his shopping list. ………. SO ……. I HAD TO WAIT FOR MY HUSBAND TO LEAVE THE HOUSE FOR HIS TRIP TO ALDI………. Mmmm very difficult shouting goodbye and asking for butter and earl grey, with this on my chin!
I am really sorry but I can NOT hang around for twenty minutes with a sanitary pad on my chin and the loops around my EARS waiting for the car to return! I was in so much laughter behind the bathroom door, I could hardly keep a straight face to take this photo and THEN I couldn’t find my specs to see the camera buttons! WHAT A HOOT! ARE YOU ALL OUT THERE WEARING SANITARY PADS AROUND YOUR CHINS FOR TWENTY MINUTES, hiding from your family!
VERDICT: Really good products, I just love the ‘oil mix’ in the vials AND the eye and lip cream is lovely but I NEVER use night cream as I like my skin to BREATHE at some point through the 24 hrs and, in fact I use Elemis night cream , of which I have a BIG JAR for my DAY CREAM because I have run out of it! I love the smell of Elemis and it never gives you that ‘iced-bun’ shiny, greasy look.
I really did think that the ‘jowl mask’ worked wonders but not too sure WHY unless it is impregnated with some sort of ‘egg white’ or ‘rabbit-size’ ? I apologise but I am, by nature extremely suspicious and I do, from time to time investigate EVERY ingredient in products!
The whole marketing ploy of the BOX and all the vials and PROCEDURES and different STEPS that you had to read and follow, I thought was rather OTT but I suppose if you are paying A LOT and it is instead of BOTOX maybe it has to look EXPENSIVE ?
I have been using Elemis face masks for a while and really like them, they remind me of the ones in sachets from the 1960s/70s, which I used to buy in my teenage years! I am now reminded of those teenage years, coating my hair in a mud mixture, made from dried cammomile flowers, and sitting in the bathroom, with the green ooze running all over my shoulders and towel; I think you had to leave it on for TWENTY minutes too, maybe that’s part of the ‘humiliation technique’ ?
Think of all those ladies you pass in the hairdressers sitting covered in pieces of foil and then hairnets etc ! Oh WOMAN thy name is VANITY ! Peut-etre?
I can remember my sisters with ROLLERS in, covered with a HEADSQUARE and white faces, covered in NIVEA night cream! In fact, I had a bit of a shock the other day when visiting my eldest sister of 77 years old, as she was STILL wearing the’ roller-headsquare’ look, AND HAD BEEN TO BED LIKE THAT! I just couldn’t do that to my husband! ( I do lean against the bathroom door, as we don’t have a lock, if wearing my Elemis face mask OR if using VEET-O under my arms )
Toodle-pip and I hope you are all ready for Christmas?  I never know what that means do you? Used think it was the bloke in the red coat? Merry Christmas. have fun! xx Chris

Anti-ageing creams: Freeze 24/7? Valmont?

16 Jun

Well hello, I am back! I have been asked to try out several anti-ageing creams and I am rather fastidious when investigating new products, which promise ‘filling in fine lines’ and ‘helping to reduce wrinkles’

I had an embarrassing experience once when I went to return a face serum which I felt made me really hot: I was 53 and suddenly realised that I was having ‘power-surges’ but I was actually about to BLAME the chemicals in the face serum!

I tried a wide variety of the earth’s little helpers to aid my ‘hot-flushes’: red clover pills, wild yam and when I asked my doctor if he could suggest any natural remedies , he laughed and said that HRT was actually made from horse’s urine which was as natural as you get! Anyway, I just stuck to my natural remedies and gave up lots of foods and drinks which I felt gave me the HOTS…….actually dairy milk and red wine always set me off ? OKAY now though! Feeling good! I can remember saying to my sister-in-law that I felt I was over it all, at 56! She laughed and told me it lasted for 10 years!

Ten years on: I have looked up every chemical in my face serums and moisturisers and written them all down and all seem to have approval and aren’t health threatening BUT how do I know THEY are not all in it together? I really feel that the skin NEEDS to breathe, and all we do is ‘clart’ serums, moisturisers, layers of make-up, and then, a touch of powder to take away ‘the iced-bun look!  We then take all this off before we go to bed and CLOGG the pores up yet again with night cream! When we go out in the sun, we make sure our cream has SPF in it! To be quite honest, I just think we need to allow our skin to breathe and take in the sunshine within moderation so we get our quota of natural vitamin D and drink water!

I have ALWAYS used witch hazel (over the counter at pharmacy, very cheap!) as a toner, when I have washed all the muck off my face before I go to bed. I now always use a cream- cleanser and am not fussed whether it is my old friend Clinique or Elemis or if I run out, just soap and water!

I have been trying out a company called  Valmont from Switzerland. I looked up all the ingredients and sort of decided that I didn’t want my skin absorbing all those different CHEMICALS, although I do believe that most products just have a lot of glycerin in them; you can use glycerin with oil paint to give a wet-look or with icing sugar when making fondant icing, I think, BUT if you have some, rub it on your hand, and it turns all the wrinkles on your hand silky and smooth!

I am onto 14 days but you have to use it for 28 days and then three to four months later? Why can’t you use it continually? I thought it was really working on my neck but when I looked at a photo from last year when I was using CX neck cream from Clinique, my neck looked just as good!  This is called ‘Time Master Intensive Programme’ and I really like how it is quickly absorbed and it does leave the skin feeling soft. I NEVER put moisturiser on top of serums and you are meant to use it day and night but I feel this product is REALLY expensive and so can’t bring myself to use it at night!

The packaging and the daily, glass, push button vials have got to cost more to produce than the actual ingredients! Anyway I will let you know with a before and after photo! This is what it says it does. What is it in me that won’t believe all these things that cosmetic companies tell me? I really want to, but then I get scared, in case my cellular structure does change and am I going to get A FAT NECK which I will have to cover up with a scarf anyway! I then panic and don’t use it. I really wish I could TRUST people but I don’t.

This is from the website 

This new supercharged formula, highly concentrated with the active ingredients of the Valmont beauty rituals (Hydration, Energy, Glow, Anti-Wrinkle & Firmness), acts on all the factors involved in cutaneous ageing. In 28 days, this polyactive program regulates the mechanics of skin cells and reverses the course of time…

I only needed to read cutaneous ageing to get a panic attack!

I have tried Freeze 24/7 neck cream, which I feel is good as it is quite firm and almost chalky, which immediately feels uplifting.

Freeze 24-7
ArcticLift« Firming Neck Cream
I have also tried their moisturiser which is lovely and very quickly absorbed and feels very light and non-oily.
Freeze 24-7
IceCream Double Scoop Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizer 50g
If you go onto Debenhams and Freeze 24/7 there are reviews for the products which are interesting and everyone has a different need and different skin type so it is all very much individual trial and error.
Anyway nice to have a chat and love to you all out there and there will be a picture of my FATNECK in a fortnight’s time when I have finished the Valmont intensive serum! (I keep consoling myself with the fact that in Tudor times, royalty coated their faces in LEAD to make them look white so they looked rich and royal enough not to have to go out and work in the fields and the sunshine!)
And here I am fussing about a few chemicals!

Start looking after yourself whilst you are young! Dr Nick Lowe products!

27 Apr

There are things I definitely wished I had done whilst I was younger if I had had the inclination. It is all about priorities; when we are young and busy with work and families, and running a multitude of different jobs simultaneously (chauffeur, cook, lover, housemaid, cleaner, counsellor, gardener, and thats without the ‘proper job’) it’s difficult to get time to think about yourself! BUT you must!

Well, now being retired, I have oodles of time and can’t imagine how I got three children off to school and then into work full-time and then all those music lessons, ballet, karate and drop-offs at skate board ramps! Managing to get the heating sorted before I went to work and the weekends full of washing and cleaning!

Money was really tight, and funnily, after all these years of hard slogg, still is! I had the cheapest ‘Beauty Care’ regime ever! I used the childrens’ Johnsons baby oil to take off my eye makeup, lipstick and blusher and then WITCH HAZEL from the chemist to tone before I went to bed. I WASHED my face with pure vegetable soap (no colours or perfumes as they gave me rashes) in the morning and used Johnsons baby lotion for the day (it was pink and had that baby smell!) Now and again I would have a treat and buy a ‘face-mask’ Everything was such a rush!

When I had a full time job, which wasn’t until the youngest child was at school, I then started to buy moisturiser from Body Shop, when you could take in the container and have a refill. I still used Witch hazel, as I always used it for the childrens’ bruises when they had fallen or bumped into things. I still have a bottle which I use, as I can’t stand these Spritzer spray things, Toners which you squirt into your face. Why on earth would anyone want to be squirted in the face by WATER; didn’t we all squeal and hide when we were playing with water-pistols in the Summer? Can’t quite get my head around that one; perhaps our lives are so lacking in stimulation that we need to give ourselves a surprise every morning! I hate water in my face and approach the shower rather like a bull-fighter. It’s worse in hotels where you don’t know how fierce the damn thing is going to be; I send my lovely hubby in first to set it properly for his princess, he did ask last week in the hotel, why I was wearing a condom on my head! He had better watch it or else he will lose his job!

Over the years I have tried so so many moisturisers, especially as the lines began to appear. I am a real sucker for the brand, the blurb and the packaging. I know the jars cost more than the product, but I was brought up on Ponds cold cream, a salmon pinkish cream in a really heavy white glass jar that my sisters used, along with the Nivea blue tins, so I am easily swayed.

I only ever spent my money on moisturisers, never cleansers or all the other things we were supposed to use?

NOW, I have plenty of time in the mornings, I can even get to a mirror to see myself before I go out! I always use Clinique eye makeup remover on cottonwool and Elemis cream cleanser, which I wash off with warm water or cotton wool off.  I have been trying their toner afterwards, as it has a nicer smell to my Witch hazel.

I have always been very suspicious of moisturisers which give a really silky feel as I have used glycerine in my oil paints ( and in fondant icing!) and if you get it on your hands it has the same feel as some of the moisturisers I have tried. However, I am now wondering if it is some sort of rubber or silicone that they use? I decided NOT to read the label at all of Dr Nick Lowe’s Secret formula. It is BRILLIANT. I have been using it for about a month and I LOVE it! Well done Doc! I have just been on his web site and I am converted. It’s great under your foundation as it provides a really silky base. It doesn’t shine! So you don’t end up looking like an iced bun! His website is really informative. You lovelies have probably been using his products for ages?

The Secret is Out Lifting Super Serum

This age-defying serum, designed to be worn under your moisturiser, contains a powerful peptide-derived lifting complex plus strong natural antioxidants Acai and Goji super berries to improve skin’s tightness and elasticity. With regular use, the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles is reduced, revealing firmer and smoother skin. 

Independently conducted trials revealed that 88% of users felt their skin was INSTANTLY smoother and more hydrated after application. After 4 weeks of daily use 78% responded that their skin smoothness improved, and the majority felt their skin appeared more youthful.

£25.52 for 100 ml

I think Boots stock it but I am back to the website! So excited! Next time I have got to tell you about this amazing foundation gel which just goes on like a dream!

Saaf Skincare Eraser Bodyoil is worth a try!

2 Mar

Nature’s correction fluid in a bottle, this impressive toning and smoothing oil is a skin-saving formulation. It contains a high percentage of Rosehip Seed Oil which is known to effectively reduce uneven pigmentation and the appearance of raised scar tissue, along with Safflower Oil which soothes skin irritations while increasing the moisture content of the skin. Both nourishing and protective, Organic Eraser Body Oil promotes healthy skin renewal, guards against scarring, calms irritated, itchy skin and helps keep skin supple and smooth.

Ideal for:

All skin types
Reducing the appearance of stretch marks
Soothing away hyper pigmentation
Old scars
Protecting the skin from the effects of a sun tan

  • Rosehip Seed Oil helps to reduce pigmentation and raised scar tissue by promoting healthy skin renewal, even on old scars. It also aids cell regeneration and boosts collagen and elastin to create smoother, firmer skin.
  • Safflower Oil is easily absorbed by the skin due to its high linoleic acid content. It soothes skin irritations, increases the moisture content of the skin and is particularly good for sensitive skin.
  • High levels of Natural Vitamin E, which has twice the bio-availability of synthetic versions. It promotes soft and supple skin, helps to reduce old scars and promotes healing.
  • Mandarin essential oil helps ease and repair scars, spots and stretch marks.
  • Natural botanicals are rich in anti-oxidants which protect skin from free radicals and help boost your skin’s collagen matrix.  £35.99 for 100ml

I have been trying this oil out as a substitute for my ‘over-the-counter’ almond oil (with a few drops of what you fancy to make it smell nice)

It ‘does- the-trick’ If you go onto their site they are offering £10 off and free delivery on orders over £50

Their products are all beautifully packaged and feel very luxurious and look good on the shelf! This oil was much less slippery than my version, but I always have the same problems with the bottles they use, to put both face oils and body oils in, from most of the retailers I have tried; They come out in a great flurry and I get it all over the floor OR you try to tip the bottle slightly and NOTHING comes out!

This oil absorbs very quickly and DOES leave the skin feeling very soft. It does work! It doesn’t have the ‘cod liver oil’ smell BUT think I have discovered what this is; I bought a bottle of pure rose hip oil and, trying to get something a bit cheaper, I used it on my face and body and had to wash it all off as I got the same smell? No smell at all with the Eraser Bodyoil and so I go for the expense, well worth it. I just wish they would do a larger bottle for the same price as I have larger dry skin areas as I am older! Perhaps they do ‘pension-discounts’

Old Age and Sharing my Green and Spring DIY Bath spas!

30 Jan

I have a little extra information about my ‘Bath spas at home’ post.
I am not sure whether this will be useful?????

In days of yore I shared my actual bath with my husband (well actually, he wasn’t my husband then, we were just ‘courting’ and as soon as we married we had to stop, as the children were around, which makes me think it must have been in hubby’s bath) Now he is allowed to share my bath water only!

I have a real problem with ‘sharing’ things, now that I am a bit older. It started with my hair conditioner in the shower room. In fact I remember quizzing my hubby about the ’emptiness’ of the bottle and the fact that his white hair appeared to have got a yellow tinge! I rest my case as it was Blonde Highlighting Conditioner!

Then it was my car! Now I don’t mind sharing my bed BUT I certainly didn’t really want to share my car. Husband has always had my ‘cast-off’ cars, which he has then driven to death. His theory is that you buy old bangers and thrash them. Mine is that I like to pay monthly and have a reliable car. As a child, my father had lots of cars and I blame him for my love of them and my brother-in-law for my love of motor-bikes.

As it is, lovely hubby now drives my car and I sit beside him anxiously giving him tips, on building up the revs, and dropping the revs to corner, and ‘doing the H’, going from fourth to second. I couldn’t contain myself on one trip out in the countryside, and did say to him, that he would be much better driving a stage coach, as he could quite easily look from side to side at the scenery, and rely on THE HORSE to look straight ahead. He is a very lovely man and took it quite well.

Anyway back to the bath and Green and Spring. Sometimes my bath water is too highly perfumed for lovely hubby to want to share BUT he actually APPROVES of the Green and Spring perfume because “It’s much more subtle and I feel confident with my masculinity hovering over the shelves in Aldi doing the weekly shop!”  Wow! What a man! I do know I am very lucky. I was going to hire him out but he’s too good to share. He also has a brain as big as Britain and can start off a car-journey, and two miles in he is still going on about Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry 2nd, I frequently have to tell him that my brain is FULL-UP and I am going to VOMIT if he doesn’t stop. We are incredibly well-matched. I did suggest that he might like to re-train as a taxi-driver and then he could verbally accost all those poor tired people that need transporting to and from the airport. (Why is it that I am always the one that has to listen to the taxi-driver’s life story and lovely hubby doses off and doesn’t ever even chirp in with an ‘Oh really” or ‘What a shame’?)

That was a big moan! I only came onto my blogg because I have forgotten my password for my Twitter and I have a big question to ask you lovelies but I can’t get onto it so here is the question: What can I do about the unsightly thread veins covering ALL my thighs? I had thought of joining them all up with different coloured felt tips and turning them into flowery tattoos but some are on the backs of my thighs and lovely hubby is refusing to join in. He is VERY feisty at times. Maybe I should put thread veins in my Title so you can see my PLEA a little more. I need to do something before SHORTS weather.

Best Wishes to you all and I hope 2012 is being good to you. I am LOVING IT ……….every day is such a holiday. I am soooo lucky.