Sikh Wedding! My Daughter’s wedding! They did it their Way! Fitflops again!

My youngest daughter was married mid August!
I was astonished how amazing and successful the whole day and evening was with so many last minute ‘plans’ or even ‘no-plans’ and we all had an amazing day: we came out of the registry office, which was the Lantern room in Bristol, to impromptu dancing in the street to some buskers nearby, who were playing ‘All you need is love’ and we all followed the bride and groom across the river to the restaurant, bright sunshine all the way and then an evening ‘get together’ in a pub, with dancing, my knees totally packed up the next day and I have put the heels back in the box, only to be worn in restaurants!

The first week in September, we went to a friend’s son’s wedding. It was a sikh wedding which lasted for days, if not a week or more! There were three things I learnt from my last teaching job: ‘don’t let the disappointments of today cloud the dreams of tomorrow’, ‘love your enemies, trust but few, and always paddle your own canoe’ AND Bollywood dancing! I LOVE it! Changing the light bulbs, walking the dog, the rainbow etc etc. Couldn’t stop dancing! It must be the four time rhythm? My knees don’t like it at all and that is the last I will be doing, especially in heels!

I just so love shoes and I have so many pairs that I can no longer wear to actually walk in; I have to put flat ones on and then change when I get somewhere I can stand, or better still, sit. I sometimes just get my shoes out to look at them. However I am going to go on and on now about Fitflops. I love them. I have a pair of metallic trainers and fitflop sandals and they are a dream. They are all day and night shoes. I have several pairs of flatshoes which I could wear, perhaps for eight hours and some with heels for two hours but these fitflops are heaven.

I have just bought a pair of fitflop grey suede knee high boots from the local shoe shop for £65. They were reduced from about £120 They are brilliant to walk on flat pavements or road surfaces as they keep you so straight and really make your bottom muscles work. My walking boots and trainers tend to throw me forwards as they have a cushioned heel. I have a pair of Mukluk? fur-lined ankle boots and I am off to their website, yet again: to have another look at their leather boots, both ankle and knee length which have buckles. I am a follower and am on their site more than Boden now! Their Snowblitz boots are a bit over the top and I do have to be careful what gets past my husband’s scrutiny as he hates the Uggi boots, I suppose they do look like teddy bear feet!

My husband really has a thing about cuddly toys and teddy bears, he just hates them. All those cute birthday cards and the ‘friends’ paraphenalia. Teachers always come home at Christmas with little cute ‘souvenirs’ and I really love them because the children have gone out of their way to buy them as gifts, so I keep them all! He hates it! So for months now I have insisted in making his tea in the teddy HUGS mug. He hates it! But he needs to get over it don’t you think? I love passing it to him with his tea in and am giggling inside so much, it’s a lesson in trying to keep a straight face. He is so polite and never says!



  1. I had a lot of problem when it came to finding the right pair for my feet as i have a lot of problem in my back . After browsing through I came across FitFlops and I must say they have changed the way I walk . I used to walk and then take rest for some time as my feet would not allow me to go for long walks , but with this latest pair fit flop shoe my life is really better with very less stress and pain in my back.

    Would surely recommend them to others .

    1. I now have a WHOLE wardrobe of fitflops : three pairs of boots, one pair of sneakers and two pairs of actual fitflops. I just love them BUT they aren’t much use for rough terrain. They are brilliant for making you use your tummy muscles and holding you up correctly when you walk. Thankyou for your reply fellow FITFLOP worshipper. Long may they reign!

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